“Red Pill” Critical Thinking Tips for Staying Grounded in a Crazy Inside-Out, Upside-Down, All Mixed-Up World


"Red Pill"  3-Part Series: 

1. "Red Pill":  Senate Judiciary Committee's Bill To Pare Back Big Tech Industry's Liability Protection is Quickly Gaining
(4 min quick-read)

2. "Red Pill":  The Epic Final Battle Between the Light Side and Dark Side is Now Underway! (6 min quick-read)

3. “Red Pill”:  Critical Thinking Tips for Staying Grounded in a Crazy Inside-Out, Upside-Down, All Mixed-Up World
(60 min long-read)

(NOTE:  Part 3 includes "Red Pill" Spoiler Alert! Globalists Planning to Launch a "Hail Mary Pass" Staged Fake "Hostile Alien Invasion" Or Fake "Friendly Alien Rescue")



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This is no time for patriotic Americans to be asleep at the wheel!

Senate Judiciary Committee's New Bill
To Pare Back the Big Tech Industry's Liability Protection
Is Quickly Gaining Steam


Michael Ra Bouchard, M.A., Ph.D.
Double Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist


(4 minute quick read article)


Dear friends and fellow lovers of free speech and liberty,

At last!

Yesterday’s long awaited announcement from the Trump administration that it is now convening a much needed Senate Judiciary Committee hearing to consider paring back Section 230—the 1996 law that shields online businesses from lawsuits for hosting and taking down user content, in an attempt to address allegations of political bias on social media platforms—was welcomed news by lovers of liberty and free speech around the world.

Many of us knew that this day was coming.

After giving these massive social media monopolies plenty of rope—especially in recent months as they have behaved completely beyond the pale—to hang themselves ten thousand times over for their seditious, blatant anti-freedom of speech censorship policies, it now appears their time has come to pay the piper.

Let’s hope that the Trump administration pulls no punches and levies the Big Tech industries with huge fines, painful penalties and much more for their brazenly bald-faced, anti-democratic violations of Section 230.

It is absolutely essential that the Trump administration and Congress initiate this legal action to restore America’s freedom of speech—including fair and free elections—especially during this highly consequential presidential election.

Our democratic republic depends on fair and free elections taking place. This requires that people have the freedom to read factual news, debate ideas and share ideas without politically motivated interference and censorship from these self-appointed “arbitrators of truth” techno-tyrants—aka “speech monopolists”—who decide what you are and what you are not allowed to say.

This biased abuse of power to provide undue influence must not be allowed to continue running amok upon our Constitutional rights!

For far too long, the American public has been unconstitutionally prevented from sharing information with friends and others on social media—information that the Fascist Big Tech Giants want silenced and covered up—by actively blocking and censoring anything these corrupt corporations don’t want you to see. The draft of this proposed bill would make Big Tech liable when they inconsistently apply moderation guidelines that are motivated by partisan interests, a frequent complaint of non-Democrat “conservatives.”

This just announced and long overdue Senate action is vital to restoring our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech rights, towards ensuring the integrity and long continuation of our great Republic. Mass censorship by a multitude of massive social media monopolies, especially in recent months as we enter the home stretch to the 2020 presidential election, serve to reflect the Big Tech Giants increasingly desperate last ditch attempts to prevent a second Trump administration at ANY cost.

The flagrant violation and transparent hijacking of our rights by Big Tech's censoring, blocking and removing of posts from their platforms that they don’t approve of must be stopped! They think they rule the world but are badly mistaken. These actions spotlight the dangerous level of unbridled power on the part of these controlling tech industries that must be terminated, rectified, and henceforth prevented by laws from ever again unlawfully undermining the constitutional rights of We the People.

Suffice it to say, these are “interesting times.”

As a young boy growing up, I was always puzzled by the purportedly ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” Flash forward fifty years to the crazy inside-out, upside-down, all mixed-up and unquestionably “interesting” present—and the meaning behind this curse is finally starting to dawn on me!

To learn more about what is really going on, PLEASE SCROLL DOWN NOW for my most recent—and “shadow banned” by Linked In immediately upon posting—5-6 minute quick-read article, appropriately enough entitled, “Red Pill: The Epic Final Battle Between the Light Side and Dark Side is Now Underway!


Thank you very much for your time and consideration,

Dr. Michael

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"May you live in interesting times"​
Ancient Chinese Proverb and Curse


“Red Pill”:
The Epic Final Battle
Between the Light Side and Dark Side is Now Underway!


Michael Ra Bouchard, M.A., Ph.D.
Double Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist


October 4, 2020

(3,434 words; 6 minute quick-read)


Originally Posted on Linked In October 3, 2020
Banned and Removed by Linked In the following day, October 4th, 2020


Author's Note:

I recently wrote and posted the following short essay on my Linked In online professional profile (now posted below as originally written). I did so with the sole intention of assisting readers—-to the best of my professional understanding and ability—in making sense of current world events, while also providing critical thinking techniques to help discern fact from fiction, along with sound psychological techniques for staying grounded and centered in these unprecedentedly discombobulating times.

And yet, less than 24 hours later, Linked InBanned & Removed” my new article with no explanation other than for a single ambiguous sentence stating, “It has been removed because it goes against our Professional Community Policies.” Having previously posted about 20 equally well-thought out articles on Linked In over the course of 15 years without a single violation, I found this injunction—to say the least—perplexing, disturbing and highly objectionable. And frankly speaking, not worth a bucket of warm spit!

The fact is—by Linked In's disingenuous acts of censoring content and banning posts on their “platform” from members that don't reflect their approved "fun-house view" of reality, Linked In is actively denying posters of their right to free speech—in direct violation of the 1996 Communications Decency Act. Stated simply, the minute they crossed the line by censoring, Linked In legally defaulted and became a publisher, thereby forfeiting all protections from indemnity as a platform. Despite the Big Tech companies insistence on having it both ways, legally speaking, it is a black and white matter of either/or, without any gray overlap whatsoever. Expect court cases—and possibly federal legislation—to follow in the coming months towards remedying this intolerable injustice.

So what is really going on here? Suffice it to say—no matter how much in vain they effort to contort and spin it differently in—Linked In is bald-facedly practicing Constitutionally unlawful censorship to silence voices it opposes! While I have sincerely valued and appreciated the world-wide platform Linked In provides for its members to connect and share ideas, I most certainly do not appreciate their unwarranted and inequitable censorship.

Apparently for no other reason than the decidedly "pro-America" patriotic stance of my article, Linked In has censored and banned its publication on their platform. For the record, I completely stand by the veracity of the facts which have been presented with only the best of intentions within my fullest capacity as a helping professional. Be assured that great care has been taken to provide accurate, informative and therapeutically beneficial information that singularly seeks to further empower the reader.

What you should know about this article—and about every article I write and publish here on my website, or for Linked In or for that matter anywhere else—is that it was meticulously researched and sincerely written from the perspective of a 30+ year practicing counseling psychologist, graduate school professor emeritus of counseling psychology, 1970's-era United States Marine Corps military veteran, and a lifelong unabashed American patriot. It is now offered for your consideration in what I can only describe as faithfully doing my duty as an allegiant American citizen:  Here I stand and can do no other.

Our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, including freedom of speech, have long been and continue to be under attack presently by traitors both domestic and foreign—including by Big Tech American social media corporations acting as censors while unlawfully operating under the flimsy guise as self-appointed arbitrators of truth. For this reason and others, We the People must vigorously call out and band together to challenge any and all social media platforms practicing biased, anti-free speech censorship for what they plainly are: Anti-democracy tyrants! 

As it now stands today, apparently all of my more recent Linked In article postings—beginning with my first "pandemic survival guide" article posted in March of this year—have since each been systematically comment-disabled and “shadow banned” by Linked In, thereby effectively silencing them. Hence I am now reposting these articles in their entirety on this website for your consideration.

With all this in mind, I trust you can now better decide for yourself whether or not reading what I have to say is worth investing 5-minutes or so of your time. If you resonate with what you read in the following short first article, you may want to continue to a second long-read (60 minute or so) article located directly below this one for a deeper discussion of the subject matter. For the sake of our great Republic's long continuation, I hope you do. Thank you very much for your consideration.   Semper fi, MRB


Dear Fellow Americans and World Citizens,

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is now at war with the United States to become the global hegemon, with purported plans to pin its collective communist knee upon the neck of America—and ultimately—the entire world.

The CCP’s ever-escalating belligerent actions go a long way to explain why President Trump continually insists on referring to the coronavirus as the “China virus.” He knows full well the never-ending subterfuge behind the CCP’s not-so-very long range plans for world domination, and has no intention whatsoever of allowing them to succeed without stiff opposition. It is in large part for this reason that Trump has completely rebuilt our deliberately, previously long-neglected U.S. military in order to prepare us to meet and contain Chinese aggression should it become necessary.

And unfortunately, with the CCP’s ever intensifying bellicosity in Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan, and other parts of the world recently, it is not a matter of if, but rather, only a matter of when America will need to take military action to combat the CCP's naked aggression. In an interview just this month the Canadian MP described the Chinese Communist Party regime’s threat to our way of life in the western world as “real, pressing and urgent.” To further underscore his point, he continued by emphasizing that “The gravest security threat the free world faces is ongoing efforts by the Chinese regime and other non-state actors to influence elites and take over control of democratic institutions for their own purposes.”

The Canadian PM concluded his remarks by saying there is a need for more awareness about the Chinese regime’s covert influence operations “in every country, at every level” because the risks of co-optation and covert control can undermine any democracy or institution. Indeed, all indications now point to the Chinese Communist Party having devious designs to impose their despotic model upon and dominate the whole world. And then beyond, high up into orbiting space and expanding out to nearby planets!

But not without fierce pushback from the free world. The newly renegotiated “America-first” trade policies with China have reversed decades of American economic surrender to China. President Trump has unambiguously telegraphed to the CCP that on America’s behalf he is now going for China’s economic jugular, in his pledge to revive manufacturing in America through his strong pro-America policies of free and fair trade. President Trump is also preparing the newly established United States Space Force (along with America’s long-established “Secret Space Force” in existence for decades) for eventual battle in near earth orbit space with China’s own highly advanced “Secret Space Force.”

According to multiple and reliable insider reports, China purportedly has plans to launch a pre-emptive “Space Pearl Harbor” attack of U.S. GPS satellites to cripple America’s ability to counter a direct military Chinese attack on U.S. soil. The threat of such an attack has never been higher than the present.

In an act of war, China fired the first shot with “silent weapons”—and be assured—we most certainly are at war with the CCP, though not with the tyrannized Chinese national population who are the first victims of the Chinese Communist Party’s nefarious methods of control, oppression and persecution. A preponderance of evidence is now showing that it was the CCP who malevolently engineered the China virus—aka CCP virus—in a Wuhan lab and with unconscionable intent dispersed the deadly CCP virus to the world as an “unrestricted bio-weapon.” The CCP’s undeniable hand in this pandemic was recently exposed by former WHO Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan, in her well-documented and published claims, despite the fake—bought-and-paid-for-by-China—media falsely labeling her exposé as “a hoax.” Make no mistake:  The CCP’s crimes against humanity know no bounds. Case in point—

The planned mass-murder “sneak attack” release of this virus upon the world—which some insiders are now referring to it as a “plandemic”—is but one small part of the genocidal maniac CCP’s long-range plan to subjugate America in their plan to overtake (and literally invade and populate) not only America but ultimately the entire world! This ability has recently been made all the more possible through the use of AI provided by double-crossing U.S. Big Tech Corporation traitors, who sold America and We the People out by providing the CCP with the technological means to deploy their attack and control the world population with enhanced Draconian policies such as are now used on their own virtually completely subjugated Chinese people.

Heaven forbid, should the CCP succeed in their diabolical plan, it will herald a dystopian age of surveillance and spying; the coming of the darkest tyranny the world will yet experience within the globalists’ so-called “New World Order” inside a “One World Government brutal feudal society.” As a consequence, people of all backgrounds who desire freedom, democracy, human rights, the rule of law, respect for their fundamental freedoms, their human dignity—all of which are the birthright of every human being—must be vigilant and vigorously resist giving in to an appeasement way of thinking when it comes to confronting China as the global criminal it is.

While our lying and seditious U.S. mainstream media continues in vain to gaslight and gin up accusations of “Russian collusion” and election and other political interference per the globalists’ widely disseminated false narrative, in reality it is actually China and the Deep State treachery from within our U.S. Government—operating mostly under the guise of deceitful, back-stabbing high-level Democrats but also more than a few double-crossing prominent high-level Republican officials who take their marching orders (and monetary payments) from China—that by far pose the biggest threat to our national security and sovereignty!

The Founding Father’s knew full well that threats to liberty through the rot of treason from within our own government—and not from outside it as the deceptive globalists' brainwashing programming would have you think—would always be the greatest danger to our democracy. History has now proven them prescient. Hence Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaign promises and follow through to date to drain the swamponce and for all. While ongoing dredging has been going on since his first day of office, suffice it to say, Washington cannot be drained in a day. Previous to the Trump administration, the people running our United States Government were not the people who were really in control of political and economic matters, domestic and foreign. And they haven’t been for well over one hundred years!

Stating his intention to drain the swamp (and to “build the wall” in order to stop the mind-numbingly gigantic world-wide industry of human sex trafficking run by the globalists which the lying mainstream media steadfastly resists reporting) was Trump’s way of firing a shot across the bow of the globalist swamp minions’ swiftboat to let them know without a shred of doubt that he was coming after them. And as anyone with eyes even half-open has seen for themselves over the last 4 years, the torpedoes have been firing furiously and endlessly both ways ever since!

This is not just a battle over the unimaginable corruption and bald-faced high treason that will soon be exposed to the general public by many of those holding the highest offices of the U.S Government—both past and present—nor just about the future of our great country. In all actuality, and without a shred of hyperbole, you must understand that our nation is now engaged in a battle of the Forces of Good against the Forces of Evil, of the Triumph of Light over Darkness. Perhaps even of a Biblical, though certainly of an historical, proportion.  

Trusted insiders have been reporting that as loyal oathkeeping “White Hats” working within the Trump presidency continue to vanquish the well entrenched Deep State “Black Hats,” the Deep State is becoming more and more desperate with each passing day approaching the upcoming presidential election. Of great concerns is that in their desperation, the Deep State globalists may put into action one or more long planned, staged “false flag” events. Events designed to distract and misdirect our attention by causing chaos and confusion that discourages or prevents citizen's from voting. All with the goal of pushing the United States as we know it ever nearer to its final demise.

According to those in the know, such as renowned Exopolitics (the politics of outer space) researcher Dr. Michael Salla amongst others, there exist several false flag planned scenarios that could soon occur. These include yet are not limited to a staged “hostile alien invasion attack”, or a “friendly alien rescue” to “save humanity.” Both launched in a last ditch attempt by the globalists to dismantle our U.S. Constitution by providing the traitors in the U.S. Government with “expanded powers”—which they will claim must swiftly be grantedin order to “protect us.” You must not believe these lies should they be made. On the contrary—under NO circumstances, nor for any reasons whatsoever—must we ever allow that to happen!

Yet another version, which I call the staged fake “Divine Intervention” scenario, has the trickster globalists projecting highly convincing CGI/holographic likenesses of Jesus, Moses, Krishna, Buddha and Muhammad into the heavens above regionally selective cities, while each “fake divinity” issues undermining proclamations the “dark side” hopes will keep us deceived, enfeebled and under their power and control. You just can’t make this stuff up!

Also worrisome are recent reports from trusted insiders, including Dr. Salla, telling of developments firmly pointing to a major false flag “asteroid attack” along the Pacific Coast of southern California sometime this fall. Utilizing already deployed, highly advanced secret space technology—such as “Rods of God” weaponry to simulate an asteroid strike—the Deep State genocidal maniacs have a plan to unleash catastrophic destruction causing human carnage on an unimaginable scale in a last-ditch effort to disrupt the 2020 Presidential election.

Suffice it to say, should any variation of the just-described events unfold in the days ahead you must not under any circumstances believe it. I will remind you that these genocidal maniacs view humanity as “the enemy” and have only sneering contempt and rabid sworn enmity for us! For anyone so inclined, pray for our nation and for We the People to prevent any such monstrously evil atrocities against humanity from happening.



In conclusion, reality is not what we perceive it to be, and is in fact, far from it. As the truth of what is really happening in our world is revealed in the coming days, weeks, and months, we will each have to come to grips with shocking discoveries and nauseating revelations, each in our own way and at our own pace.

Reality must be accurately discerned if we are to recognize what is happening so we can band together for our very survival. We must learn the truth and act on it if we are to not just survive but to achieve emancipation from the shackles in which humanity has been bound for millennia.

Since early last century to the present day, populations have been and continue to be manipulated to react by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, which is the globalists’ “mother of all think-tanks”—staffed with many thousands of Tavistock-trained Social Engineers. Tavistock’s “invisible army” is the master brainwashing and propaganda institution of the world. So everyone is clear:  They are the “they” we frequently hear about doing this, that or the other to influence and misdirect society—often as not by overwhelming the public by “shell shock” or so-called “Future Shock,” which is defined by Tavistock position papers “as the physical and psychological distress arising from the excess load on the decision-making mechanism of the human mind.”

In this extremely consequential 2020 Presidential Election, it has never been more essential to understand that the connection between think tanks and what becomes government and public policy are the “pollsters.” Far from conducting legitimate research, these fraudulent polling companies job is to mold and shape public opinion in a way that suits the conspirators. Often the lying fake "opinion polls" inflate the support of a flailing candidate—present case in point, think Biden—to deceive and discourage their opponent’s base in a calculated and conniving attempt to keep them from voting for a “losing” yet in reality “winning” candidatethink Trump—whom accurate research data confirms is actually polling to win the election in an electoral landslide!

This is called “public opinion making,” which is all part of the elaborate opinion making process created by the Tavistock Institute through “fake news” media and pollsters. The result is that the general public feels “well informed”, believing that the opinions they believe are “their own.” Yet in reality, none of us is really free to form our own opinions because the public has not only been denied full access to accurate and unbiased information, but moreover fed only a steady diet of slanted selected information—so that we as a nation continue to respond in the Tavistock-prescribed form!

(To learn more about the brainwashing techniques of the so-called Tavistock Institute "Think Tank", click the following link after finishing this article for a free, full-length pdf book on the subject written by eminent researcher Dr. John Coleman:  https://famguardian.org/Publications/Shaping_The_Decline_Of_USA/Shaping_The_Decline_Of_USA-Coleman_John.pdf

Simply stated, the public has undergone a conditioning process designed to influence “their” opinions—both personal and public! Presently, the globalists and their infiltrated minions in all the highest offices of U.S. Government are doing their damnedest to brainwash us into allowing the Constitution to be trampled, and to give up our constitutional right to keep and bear arms; all in the name of fighting terrorism both domestic and foreign.

When in reality, the ACTUAL threat to our rights and liberty, and indeed to America's very existence, is presently and has long been for many decades nowstealth usurpation; an inside job from within our own DEEPLY infiltrated and entrenched U.S. Government!by these very same bribed and/or blackmailed traitorous elected and appointed officials, astonishingly on every level:  National, state, county, and city, including most universities, colleges, and many major metropolitan school boards, which boldly and blatantly promote anti-family and anti-America Marxists agendas. Astonishingly including, as recently revealed by insider people of good conscience whistleblowers, the in-your-face promotion of "Satan Clubs" within our grade schools upon our innocent childrenare you freaking kidding me!?

So everyone is clear:  These turncoats have no sense of decency whatsoeveron the contrary, they are morally bankrupt and patriotically destitute!  

For hundreds of years people have been badly informed and misinformed—intentionally and by design—by a society being run in the shadows by inhumane genocidal maniac globalists. They—through their well-placed minions in infiltrated high institutions of politics, religion, education, and culture—have been calculatingly spoon-feeding us deception in hopes of blurring our ability to distinguish fiction from reality in order to keep us under their control. And while up until just recently they have succeeded beyond all expectations in keeping us blind and oblivious to their malevolent sleigh-of-hand, pay close attention now, as everything is presently in the process of being revealed.

Spoiler alert:  Lies are the root of the globalists evil—and knowledge is humanity’s best weapon against them.

As shocking and unbelievable as it may sound to you at first, most everything we have been taught is a lie! It never occurs to people that the events we view and our lives throughout were manipulated into being. Nearly all the great historical events were planned in secret by men in high places—within a secret, “shadow government”—with intent to deceive. All in order to fulfill the globalists desire to dominate, control and rule the whole world. The time has now come for us to awake from our long-induced collective slumber to stop the globalists’ evil plans against humanity dead in their tracks once and for all. In this era of complete and total deceit, a well-informed person can see through the lies and perceive reality more clearly, which is a dangerous threat to the wicked powers that be who are accustomed to controlling virtually every step of our lives.

It bears repeating:  Knowledge is our best weapon! As has been rightly recognized and noted, The Devil's greatest trick was convincing the world he doesn't exist. Deception has always been one of the most powerful weapons that Satan and the kingdom of darkness possesses and uses against us by stealing our minds whereby keeping us literally in the dark(side), unaware and under their complete and tyrannical, socially engineered programming and fear-based mind control. But the jig is up; in unprecedented never before seen numbers, humanity is presently awakening worldwide—if ever there was a time when God's brightest, most powerful and intensely focusedCosmic Kleig Lights were blazing in full glory to expose the Devil and all his evil minions that time is unquestionably NOW!—we need only open our eyes and long slumbering minds to see through all the lies.

Indeed, it is only through knowledge and awareness of the lies and deception we've long been subjected to that humanity shall ultimately be able to recognize and defeat these evil psychopathic enemies of humankind once and for all. With each and every passing day, the dark side is losing control over humanity as more and more of us break free of their insidious mind control and encourage others to do the same by sharing information that exposes their disempowering propoganda, lies and deceptions for what they are—malicious brainwashing garbage!

To learn much more about the Deep State globalists’ evil plans, and about the world wide battle presently being waged against them deep underground, here on the planet's surface, and indeed as outlandish as it may initially sound, also in outer space—by President Trump and the loyal U.S. Government and U.S. military high command and our world alliance—PLEASE SCROLL DOWN NOW for my long-read (60 minute) expose article entitled, “Red Pill”: Critical Thinking Tips for Staying Grounded in a Crazy Inside-Out, Upside-Down, All Mixed-Up World.”

In it you will find detailed descriptions behind current events, along with many helpful critical thinking tips for discerning fact from fiction, along with sound psychological techniques for staying grounded in these unprecedentedly discombobulating times.

Out of the thousands of articles I have written over the last 40 years, I consider my below “Critical Thinking Tips for Staying Grounded in a Crazy Inside-Out, Upside-Down, All Mixed-Up World” exposé to be amongst the most thought provoking and contentiously evocative of them all. And on a personal level, I feel it is undoubtedly one of the most important essays that I have ever written. Mostly though, I hope you will find it helpful in the days ahead.


Yours in global unity and peace prevailing on earth,
Michael Ra Bouchard, M.A., Ph.D.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


PLEASE SCROLL DOWN NOW to read the entire long-read article, below:




Breaking through your "concrete mindset"​ is no task for the timid or the meek.


“Red Pill” Critical Thinking Tips for Staying Grounded in a
Crazy Inside-Out, Upside-Down, All Mixed-Up World

A "Soft-Disclosure" with guidance
for deprogramming ourselves
to reclaim personal sovereignty and self-determination


Michael Ra Bouchard, M.A., Ph.D.
Double Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist


 Originally published & posted on Linked In April 26, 2020

(21,422 words; 60-65 minute long-read)


Author’s Note:

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and carefully consider the following thoughts in this admittedly long-read exposé, which was originally published on my Linked In profile. After quickly garnering nearly five thousand readers—primarily due to a well-known and highly respected colleague's kind jet-fueled “tweet” sharing the link with his many thousands of followers—it was in short order comment-disabled then soon after “shadow banned” by Linked In and effectively 100% silenced. As have since now also been ALL of my most recently posted Linked In articles, beginning with my Pandemic Self-Help Survival Guide this past spring.

Hence it is now reposted in its entirety below for your consideration.

Out of the thousands of articles that I have written over the past 40 years, this one may prove to be the most contentious and thought provoking of them all. Mostly though, I hope you will find it helpful in the days ahead.  MRB


Dear Friends, Fellow Patriots, & Freedom Loving Brothers & Sisters All Around the World—

As people all around the world continue struggling to adapt their “lives interrupted” during this time of massive personal and social upheaval resulting from the global coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important than ever to understand the following reality: Namely, that the attitudes we each hold and individual choices we each make daily, both large and small, are largely predetermined and shaped by outside forces subconsciously weighing in upon us. These forces primarily include, though are not limited to, the sum of our individual and collective parental, societal, and theological programming.

As a result, what we may think of as “our own” values and beliefs are in fact more likely than not to be an accumulation of information and values taught and passed on to us from other sources. Beginning at birth throughout childhood, and later throughout our entire adulthood, most of what we were told then—and are being told even now—continues to be accepted by many of us without question regardless of its actual veracity and validity. It’s called “social engineering” and disempowering belief manipulation is the goal of the game by those doing the negativity-infested programming to influence and solidify our deepest, most strongly held beliefs for their own nefarious self-serving purposes. In actuality, a significant portion of what we each consider to be our belief system—comprised of our personal moral values, ideals of right and wrong, beliefs and misbeliefs, religious influences and political biases—have been intentionally polluted and prejudiced by this malicious brain contamination and manipulation.

Mind control programming and social engineering—which is the analysis and automation of a society—are based in belief manipulation. And since every human believes “something,” it becomes the daunting task for each of us is to examine and expose any and all of our inaccurate, incomplete, or otherwise distorted cumulative lifetime beliefs and accumulated garbage. It matters not whether they originated in what we have filtered through the sensory input of our five senses, or from the “mental consumptions” composed of the opinions, judgments, and beliefs of others that we have “bought into.” In a manner of speaking, you could accurately say that you are a product of everything you have ever experienced through your five senses and everything you have ever been told. Furthermore, you have likely convinced yourself that your beliefs and interpretations of reality are, in fact, for the most part correct and unbiased “facts” as opposed to rationalized “questionable beliefs” that may—or may not—be factual.

This tendency to shape and form conclusions holds especially true for those viewpoints and values we find comfortable for us to accept. Conversely, it holds equally true that we tend to doubt or reject whatever information and beliefs that we find uncomfortable—hence proving the old adage that, “People believe only what they want to believe” is based in truth and human nature. In short, our present beliefs, perceptions and preconceptions bias and distort any new observations and sensory inputs, acting as “infallible truths” to shield us from alternative truths and possibilities. Perhaps never more so in the known history of the human race have each and every one of us been so convinced that our convictions are right and that everyone else’s that differ are wrong. Though in truth, for most of us anyway, pretty much everything our brain has amalgamated into—beliefs, concepts and ideas—is in reality nothing more than a cloudy pool of tainted programs and perceptions that conform to the judgment system each of us has developed!

To break free of our mental and emotional social engineering programming and conditioning requires us to reconfigure our awareness, so that wherever necessary, we can identify and deactivate all constricting, self-defeating “brain attack” programs resulting in rational thought hardening and logic damage. Likewise, we must make every effort to uncover and delete any beliefs and perceptions we have that leave us vulnerable to all manner of deception through the manipulation of our actions and behaviors along with our beliefs. And though it needn't take a global health crisis to trigger a review of our fundamental values and beliefs, it is nonetheless presently a particularly good time for carefully reconsidering and contemplating them. While we’re at it, it’s also a very good time for jettisoning outdated or otherwise faulty programs by transmuting anything not serving our betterment. Yet even under the best of experiences expect it to be a Herculean task, as humans have great difficulty letting go of ideas and concepts developed in our youth and early adulthood.

Yet be forewarned: When we first begin to find out that certain things, people or events that we long believed to be truthful or otherwise factual are—in reality—not only untrue and unfactual, but at times completely the opposite, it can be a tremendous shock to our system. Likewise, when a sudden tectonic upheaval of a stupefying magnitude occurs in your life, it is vital that you adamantly resist traitorous impulses to mentally surrender in denial or otherwise emotionally numb and delude yourself. On the contrary, you must strive to accept and integrate this new reality for what it is—no matter how earthshaking it feels at the moment—with neither embellishment nor equivocation.

With that in mind, be advised that this article contains provocative food for thought likely to challenge your present thinking, which at times can be uncomfortable. Reality has a tendency to do that. All the more reason you are now being encouraged to embrace the following wisdom as was recognized by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, namely:  “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” If you will permit me to say so, you would do well to hold this mindset throughout the reading of this discourse.

You are further advised to keep in mind that no matter what you read here—and on more than one occasion you may encounter subject matter that will stretch, pull, twist, thrash, shake up, toss and turn and at times possibly even pulverize your current world view—in the end it still remains for you yourself to determine what it means to you. Consequently, should you encounter ideas or information within that you disagree with or find implausible, you are encouraged to keep an open mind, persevere with your reading, and push on through to the end before coming to any conclusions. Truth is, the gist of this critical thinking essay is to encourage you to employ the exact same skills it teaches while reading this paper along with everything else you read or hear. Make of it what you will.

And now without further ado, I present the following “red pill” perspective for your consideration, and believe me, it’s a real mind-bender. So grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, settle in for the next 45 minutes to an hour, and prepare yourself for a nail biting white-knuckle ride into a reality virtually none of us could ever have imagined possible in ways both positive and negative. And while the final outcome is still to be determined, as you are about to discover, present circumstances have never been better for a positive resolution. Thus, regardless of what happens in the near future—and indeed it may get more than a little bumpy at times along the way there—hold positive expectation in a big bear hug and refuse to let it go no matter what!

The information provided in this article come from a wide variety of intelligence sources. Nothing is exaggerated. It is my hope that through reading this article the reader will come away with a better, clearer, more accurate, and wider understanding of the dark forces aligned with the evil globalists’ worldwide Cabal. The information within this article should not be ignored and cannot be shrugged away, at least not without severe and unthinkable consequences.

Moreover, it is hoped this information inspires people to begin to ask questions, to seek out information about what is really going on, and to call out the lying media and phony politicians. And to stand up and push back against bogus, non-democratic policies and actions that threaten our liberty and undermine our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true power in our country. In short:  So long as we are ruled by an invisible government we are not an independent nation!

With that being said, you are now about to be presented with a mind-numbing scale of high treason that has occurred and continues to occur against our U.S. Government from within and from without. Our Founding Fathers would be aghast and outraged by the staggering deceit, dishonor and betrayal to We the People—especially regarding the unthinkably loathsome level of treasonous corruption previously and currently being perpetrated—by many of our former and current government high-level officials utterly unworthy of their office. Treason perpetrated against the United States and our Constitution by lying, back-stabbing American enemies of the state and enemies of the people—comprised of unscrupulous U.S. elected and appointed governmental high-level officials, turncoat U.S. military high command, double-crossing major U.S. corporations, seditious national mass media, and fascist Tech Giants’ social media—and by their complicit counterparts within many nations worldwide.

What you are about to read in these pages may seem far-fetched at first. Accordingly, what you learn at times may seem categorically impossible to really be true, and therefore just too unbelievable for you to accept—at least initially. Consequently, should your first reactions find you scoffing in disbelief, don’t worry about it—you’ll have plenty of good company scoffing right alongside you. Take for example one of my dear, many-decades long friends who, after reading what I had to say here, let me know—without mincing any words—that she is now completely convinced that aliens exist, because for me to even write this stuff can only mean they must have landed and sucked out my brain!

Cracks me up every time I think of it. Yet with a little time, once her—and perhaps your—initial shock lifts and critical thinking is applied, it is likely that both of you, along with many other initial skeptics, will eventually find yourselves becoming less resistant and more receptive to the irrefutable evidence supporting the unthinkable charges being presented. To be frank, for all our sakes and the sake of our great country, I’m counting on it. The thing is, if you want to learn critical thinking, applying it to controversial topics such as will be discussed within this article is one of the best ways to hone your skills.

In the meanwhile, simply give yourself all the time you need to “get a grip” digesting all the eye-popping, jaw-dropping, and mind-blowing things you will be learning. And remember, it is never easy suddenly finding out that, essentially speaking, one’s entire world frame of reference is patently false, distinctly different from or completely opposite of the conventional wisdom humanity has long been told and lead to believethroughout not only our entire lifetime, but also the lifetimes of scores of generations before us. Make no mistake about it—we have long all been had, people!

Taking all this into account, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself now to receive a major, world rocking “Great Revealing”—either full or partial—in the near future. I am referring to officially authorized disclosures that will be directly forthcoming from or authorized by the highest levels of our loyal United States of America Government. The revelations that they contain shall seem nothing short of incredible.

Amongst the many astonishing acknowledgments likely to be made at such a time, you can anticipate that they will include admissions pertaining to the existence of a many decades-old American “secret space program,” coupled with long-established human colonies on the Moon and Mars. And beyond—far beyond. Equally stunning disclosures will likely confirm the existence of previously unrecorded and uncorroborated extremely ancient extraterrestrial civilizations on our planet discovered deep under the ice in Antarctica—and elsewhere.

And perhaps, just when you think things can’t get any more fantastical, still more incredible will be confirmation of the existence of civilizations of highly advanced life forms, including humans, humanoids and more living deep underground within—not as now supposed our solid earth—but rather in actuality our “honeycombed” hollow earth, in continent-sized caverns reachable through numerous natural cavern systems all around the planet, as well as through an over one thousand mile wide opening located at each Pole! All precisely as was first reported to U.S. authorities over 75 years ago—and obviously kept classified top-secret and under wraps ever since—by none other than the highly decorated and universally respected U.S. Naval Officer and polar explorer, pioneering American aviator, and Medal of Honor recipient of unimpeachable character, Commander Admiral Richard E. Byrd.

Additional selective disclosures will likely reveal secret projects and highly advanced off-planet ancient technologies found there and elsewhere, many of them currently in use—including time travel and future predicting “looking glass” technology—that have long been kept hidden from humankind in order to keep us in the dark. And under the power and control of the greedy genocidal maniac globalists who have been secretly running the planet for profit and personal gain from the shadows for centuries. More on them in a moment.

In the course of the coming months you can expect to hear incredible admissions and announcements pertaining to the existence of free and clean renewable energy sources, new medical healing technologies and other fantastical advanced technologies—all of which now exists—that will seem plucked straight out of the “Star Trek” series. The most sensational disclosures of all will likely be the revealing of secret, multi- decade old deep underground human cloning labs, along with a categorical admission by our and other governments of humanity's long concealed—and presently ongoing—contact and positive relationships with extraterrestrials of a multitude of interplanetary races!

Each of these huge acknowledgments shall reveal information that has been suppressed and concealed from the general public for a very long time, for devious, self-serving purposes by the “dark side” Deep State globalists, of whom in the coming months we will be learning much, much more about than we shall wish to know. As an introduction, what you need to understand for now is that these globalists are a multinational shadow military and intelligence apparatus known as the “Deep State” or “Cabal” which serves the elite/royal class agenda of achieving the globalists’ technocratic/financial enslavement of humanity.

These deeply embedded and entrenched agents of the traitorous Deep State/Cabal have been called “black hats” by those in the loyal United States and World Alliance, who themselves are often referred to as “white hats”—or “Oathkeepers”—because they still honor their oath to the Constitution. These stalwart top-level U.S. Governmental officials and military senior-command loyalists—along with our brave and patriotic United States military personnel now fighting fiercely on the front lines of this global “shadow war”—are resolute in defending our country from all threats foreign and domestic, of which they have been boundless and unceasing, both from within and from without.

All this and much more will be—in due time— disclosed to the public in officially authorized disclosures by those in the very highest office of our loyal U.S. Government. An officially authorized full disclosure—verses a “limited hangout” partial disclosure—will virtually ensure complete and explicit governmental confirmation of the very real existence of UFO’s, backed by a plethora of irrefutable evidence supporting it. And while many of the details revealed will be decidedly uplifting, some of the negative details we will also be learning will be so dreadfully distressing that they threaten to rock everyone’s world off its axis. When that happens, it is safe to say we will all be finding it extremely difficult—if not for a period of time, seemingly impossible—to reconcile what we are learning about the world being revealed to us with the world as we knew—or thought we knew—it. Even so, eventually, reconcile each and every one of us must and will. Accordingly, here is the most important thing you need to know when that time comes:  You can handle it.


Breaking through your "concrete mindset" is no task for the timid or the meek

It takes real courage and internal fortitude to challenge your core convictions by questioning what you think you know and believe. Especially when you yoke it with a determined willingness to wrap your head around reality as it really is rather than how you were taught, thought, and long believed it to be. Make no mistake: Breaking through your “concrete mindset” is no task for the timid or the meek.

So if you’re the kind of self-described sensitive soul whose first instinct is to drop and curl up into the fetal position or dash off to a silly "safe-space" when life lands—or worse still, simply threatens to land—its first metaphorical roundhouse kick to the side of your head, I’ve got just one thing to say to you: Buck up, buttercup! You are stronger than you think.

Even if it were practical—which it most certainly is not—going through life living in fear of being emotionally “triggered” by something or another, or otherwise seeking to escape reality as it shows up, is not only futile but gives your power away as well. In short, denying or otherwise avoiding reality is never a good idea. The emotionally intelligent approach is to armor up by slipping a metaphorical Kevlar helmet atop your psyche to face the threat "head on." To wit, we must do as Winston Churchill famously advised, which is never to turn our back and try to run away from threatened danger, for when we do that, we double the threat. Rather, as he urged on, we must face the danger directly, for when we do that, we cut the threat in half.

Yet even so, there may very well be times in life when what we individually or collectively learn and discover about the world as we know it—or thought we knew it—is so traumatizing to learn that it chills us to the marrow and leaves us gasping in disbelief. Should that happen, have courage, stay the course, and keep breathing deeply to ground yourself until you can regain your bearings.

It is essential to never discount or minimize inconvenient, unpleasant or otherwise upsetting revelations. On the contrary—you must stretch your mind as much as needed until you can “accept what is for what is” no matter how disturbing or discouraging it might be for you at the moment. To do anything else is to doom yourself to a life in self-imposed exile of denial and delusion.

Consequently, for each of us to achieve and maintain ultimate happiness and fulfillment in life through the practice of true free will expression, it becomes necessary to routinely look at and reconsider what we have been taught and have since come to believe as “truth” and "fact." It is only by carefully reexamining our values and convictions, and by exercising keen discernment—which is simply another name for critical thinking—that we can decide for ourselves whether the assumptions and judgments that we have based our present reasoning and beliefs upon are actually serving us as well as we think—or not.

Exercising discernment requires that we undergo honest truth seeking which desires to know the truth above all, even when it means letting go of a belief we have had for a long time.

Towards achieving this vital clarity, I will now share a few basic critical thinking skills that I routinely teach my incoming university students. The regular practice—through actual application—of critical thinking analysis rapidly increases our ability to detect and analyze, and when necessary, encourages us to delete and rewrite any faulty assumptions underlying the actions, decisions, and judgments we all make in our daily lives.


Critical thinking analysis consists of three simple steps:

 1) First, we must become aware of and acknowledge that our assumptions exist.


 2) Secondly, we must make those assumptions explicit by stating them.


 3) And thirdly, we must objectively assess the accuracy and validity of our assumptions by asking—

a) Does this assumption make sense?

b) Does this assumption fit reality as I have come to understand and live it?

c) Under what conditions does this assumption hold true?

d) Under what conditions does this assumption appear false?


To elucidate, assumptions are seemingly self-evident rules of thumb which govern our actions. They usually involve cause and effect thinking links, such as, “If I do ‘x’, then “y” will happen.” Whether or not it will really happen is another story. What matters most here is that since we believe it to be true we do not question its validity. We simply accept the assumption as factual regardless of whether or not it actually is.

And therein lies the rub: Since all our actions, decisions and judgments spring from our assumptions, when they go unchecked or are otherwise inappropriate, we will often make poor decisions, come to wrong judgments, and in general live unhappily. Thus it becomes imperative that we always keep the lines of communication open within ourselves. This we do by striving to prevent calcification in our beliefs, especially if we are to avoid succumbing to the ever-bewitching siren song known as “selective cognitive bias, aka “my-side bias,” which tends to seduce each and every one of us. More on that in a moment.

Hence for all of these reasons, it’s a good idea to periodically take another look at the life choices we have previously made, are presently making or are otherwise contemplating making. Particularly favorable times for such a reexamination include those when we are deciding whether or not to take a major new course of action. Times such as when considering whether to make a far away relocation, or go back to school, or leave a place of employment, or get married or divorced, etc. This process of evaluating and reevaluating includes considering subsequent outcomes, risks and rewards that might result from our choice, ideally while maximizing our overall health, wellbeing and happiness and effectively minimizing anything that detracts from them.

Likewise, whenever we find ill-fitting beliefs or patterns of thinking which may be outdated or are no longer serving us well, we do ourselves a big favor by carefully reexamining them through the lens of the just described three-part critical analysi” process. Applying this formula before taking action allows us to decide presently whether or not our assumptions and beliefs are indeed bringing us more of what we want and less of what we don’t in our lives—and when they are not, motivates us to change them accordingly until they do.


Straighten out and fly right

And while it is certainly true that thinking critically requires considerable effort upon our part—rather than operating on mindless “auto-pilot” mode from an historically preprogrammed mental script—challenging our assumptions pays off big-time. The critical thinking process is without unequal when it comes to helping us identify which beliefs are true and rational and which beliefs are false and irrational.

For anyone with tendencies towards perfectionism, it helps to keep in mind that it is far easier to let go of irrational thoughts when we are willing to let go of being "perfect" or "right," which as it turns out, are two of life’s biggest booby prizes anyway. It is much more sensible to accept ourselves as fallible human beings who admittedly sometimes do foolish and dumb things as we go about living our life. Likewise, this is a much more realistic and effective approach for bringing about a greater sense of inner harmony, satisfaction and overall well-being.

In a nutshell, one of the most important keys to a happy life is also surprisingly simple: Let go of any and all thoughts, beliefs and assumptions which bind and diminish youespecially those that are false, limiting and self-defeatingand replace them with only those which expand and empower you. To put it another way:  Straighten out and fly right! You will thank yourself for your efforts, as also will everyone coming into your orbit.

Applying critical analysis to how and what we experience in life—rather than operating robotically—is without doubt the surest way of maintaining a rational outlook and for keeping centered and balanced no matter the conditions and circumstances going on around us. It’s vital to understand that discernment rarely gives us clear answers of true or false, rather, it gives us possibilities which we must then weigh in coming to our own tentative conclusions. Yet be forewarned: Similar to most everything else of real value in this life, exercising discernment only works when we make it our habit to apply it regularly and rigorously as we go about our daily lives, despite any innate or entrenched resistance from within that we encounter along the way.

And rest assured that you will encounter resistance along the way, as resistance from within inevitably rises, so be prepared to escape its clutches when it pounces. Further complicating matters, as it turns out the exercise of critical thinking is especially difficult when we have an intense emotional interest in a subject or outcome, as our bias causes us to lose the ability to observe it objectively. Instead, we attempt to fool ourselves through selective perception that ignores data and facts conflicting with our basic beliefs and desires. What’s up with that, right?

To overcome this tendency we must develop and practice the fundamental skills necessary to apply rational thought to opinion-based “sales pitches” that are being presented as “certainties.” Beliefs and their relative contaminated biases have been compared to bacteria and viruses that spread through everything we encounter in life by constantly shifting our filtration program that deludes ourselves into thinking everything we have bought into throughout our life is “right” even though those beliefs are nothing more than hardened perceptions and judgments of interpreted facts and realities. And yet we still insist on seeing and hearing only what we want to see and hear while discounting and dismissing anything contradicting it. This tendency, known as confirmation bias, explains why we often find it difficult and unpleasant to completely let go of or even modify or amend our solidified beliefs.


Rose garden not included

Far from being an occasional problem, this reality distorting cognitive bias is actually a systematic source of errors that requires ongoing correction if we are to keep from sliding off the path of sanity and rationality. Nobody is saying it will be easy. On the contrary.

To my way of thinking, committing to this perpetual self-corrective approach is akin to the classic circa 1970 U.S. Marine Corps recruiting poster my career Marine Dad had pinned to his recruiter’s office wall back when I was a freshman in a small town high school during the height of the Viet Nam war. Just one glance and its excruciating message was instantly clear to anyone casting their eyes upon the close-up image of an "in your face" no-nonsense Parris Island drill instructor—as if there were any other kind—standing toe-to-toe and hat brim-to-hat brim with a shell-shocked fresh off the bus raw recruit while leveling a menacing glare at him. And although redundant, it was captioned with a pitch-perfect slogan borrowed from a popular song of that same era: "We don't promise you a rose garden." Even now, nearly 50 years later, that unforgettable image is so razor-sharp engraved in my mind's eye that the mere thought of it instantly cracks me up!


Time now to take off the rose-colored glasses

Any questions? I obviously exaggerate with my boot camp metaphor, yet only a little. For the thing is, unlike the just described hapless Marine recruit, we must each be our own hard as nails drill instructor when it comes to training and maintaining our personal rationality. (Author disclosure: while my 14 year old self thought anyone joining the Marines was certifiably nuts, just four short years later my 18 year old self would go on to prove it by actually enlisting in the Corps myself.)

Regardless of your military service status, a daily regimen of “cerebral calisthenics” requires effort, considerable and dedicated effort. Especially since recent findings from research on the brain suggest that people are hardwired to see the world “through rose-colored glasses.” Dubbed “optimism bias,” this tendency proposes that we pay more attention to better-than-expected results than to those that are worse than expected. To overcome this innately irrational bias, we must stubbornly override our equally stubborn tendencies to ignore data that conflicts with our conclusions, and evidence that fails to echo our thoughts and feelings. For as recognized by noted futurist Marshall McLuhan, “A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.”

Oh, boy. The trouble with having such an overly optimistic and frequently irrational partiality is that it often leads to looking for somebody or something to blame rather than taking accountability and engaging in self-reflection. We must be realistic:  If we don’t force ourselves to take personal responsibility—some call it taking radical responsibility—for our mistakes and study the outcomes of our actions we have very little hope of ever learning from them. Along similar lines, as the incomparable Groucho Marx observed, we must make it our habit to learn from the mistakes of others, as we can never live long enough to make them all ourselves!

The rational approach to living and loving well requires that we acknowledge and consider both the positive and the negative within ourselves and in people, places, and circumstances during our decision-making process. Holding anything other than this stabilizing mindset is virtually guaranteed to invite a mental and emotional shipwreck upon yourself.


Let 'em up easy

When it comes to relating and getting along well with those we cherish—especially during these pressurized times of increased stress and high anxiety being exacerbated by everyone sheltering in place for weeks with still no end in sight—it is mandatory that we recover quickly from emotional flare-ups. It isn't hard to do when you keep the following in mind—loving people show it by being nonjudgmental, and by cutting lots of slack to those they love and care about, by forgiving quickly, and by moving on from conflict easily. In short, let ‘em up easy!

Admittedly, life is hard, complicated, and bewildering at times, and often requires of us to make the tough choices even though nothing is certain. The ongoing worldwide coronavirus crisis would appear to perfectly underscore this present shared reality. Certainly no one in their right mind today would argue that it doesn’t take grit and determination for a person to live and love successfully in this unsteadying period of planet-wide pandemic. Stay strong and persevere. “This, too, shall pass.” How it passes will be determined by the mindset—optimistic or pessimistic, positive or negative—expectation you choose to hold.

The good news is that once we have firmly made up our mind, staying rational, centered and grounded no matter the circumstances really isn’t that hard to do, so long as we keep our wits about us. Possession of this “self-reinforcement mentality” starts with rationally controlling our inner narrative, and whenever necessary, slamming the breaks down hard to prevent our thoughts from reactively running away from us in response to people, circumstances and events. You can do it. And if you really want to live your best life possible, you must do it.


Question authority

The time has come to stop closing our eyes to the truth! The ongoing practice of critical analysis in this age of highly-biased controlled narratives is mandatory if we are to protect our minds from being hijacked and contaminated by pirates of fabrication, distortion, and otherwise misleading news and patently false information. Consequently, we must learn to recognize and reject any disempowering indoctrination, and courageously call out all ideological agendas which serve to enslave us—whether cryptically covert or unapologetically brazen—whenever and wherever we find them.

Additionally, we must be ruthless in our personal efforts to uncover and eject any present and past Deep State psychological warfare indoctrination and weaponized “disinformation smokescreen programs” we have internalized. Likewise, we must find and eradicate all of the Deep State’s other “top-down information” conditioning and intentional misdirection programs targeting humanity at large by masquerading as “helpful” while being anything but. In short, we must identify, root out and deactivate all false or disempowering programming containing socially engineered “Trojan horse” biases, hidden agendas and social illusions to which the human race has long been systematically subjected for centuries. It is no exaggeration to say the general public has been calculatingly instilled with and carefully groomed to accept a multiplicity of disempowering falsehoods that keep us unknowingly deceived, suppressed and subjugated. Hello everybody—time to wake up and smell the coffee! 

Mind control is used to dominate and threaten humanity and spreads faster than any imposed virus. Knowledge is our cure. Those who truly think and act for themselves are exceedingly rare today. Incredibly, the general public still has an opinion that mindlessly conforms to and readily believes whatever narrative—frequently censored and patently false—that the controlled media and so-called political “leaders,” “experts,” and “authorities” tell them. Subsequently, it requires great courage and inner fortitude to reexamine—and when found to be untruthful, to unlearn—any and all false teachings of church, state and educational institutions, all of which have been systematically infiltrated and commandeered for millennia in order to covertly control us. Yes, millennia.

Most everyone will be shaken and outraged upon learning just how successful the Deep State has been in infiltrating virtually every aspect of our lives with their lies. Nonetheless, we would be wise to take care not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but rather, to cherry pick all the good in what we have been taught before tossing the rest away in the rubbish bin. 


See with your own eyes and feel with your own heart

With this in mind, we all need to stop being such good—also known as agreeably complacent—“little burghers” readily believing everything being rammed down our throats, and start questioning inconsistencies and other red flags when we hear and see them. Especially now as they and their double-dealing minions mobilize and shout “fire” in the locked-down world theater by proclaiming the “dire necessity” of an unconstitutional governmental “public health mandate” requiring quantum microdot technology “miracle drug vaccines” for everyone—whether wanted or not. To ensure everyone is clear: Don’t “just say no”—say, “Oh hell, no!”

Make no mistake: This totalitarian “mark of the beast” nano-crystal tracking and scanning system technology is not about health—it’s about control and ownership of human beings. We must band together and not let them get away with this unlawful overreach. Likewise, we must regularly and rigorously cross-examine all self-serving political officials, world leaders and so-called authority figures in order to expose their self-interests agenda-driven policies. In short, we must call them out for what they are: Anti-democracy tyrants!

As such, every staunch American defender of liberty—regardless of present political party affiliation—must question and call out the “controlled media propaganda messaging” now carpet-bombing America and the world with lies. Messaging which constantly bombards the American and world general public with a highly controlled, censored, and full-scale assault on truth narrative, deliberately designed to cause discord by whipping up fear, anger, hatred, frustration, chaos, racial tension, civil unrest and domestic terrorism.

Precisely as is now being portrayed by the national “doom and gloom” peddling news media along with their co-conspirating corrupt elected governmental official minions—through which the hidden “globalist puppet masters” sneeringly pull the general public’s strings. Recent case in point: The globalist’ transparent hijacking of legitimately lawful demonstrations—from mostly peaceful protestors exercising their First Amendment rights—by infiltrating and muscling in with their violence perpetrating “rent-a-thugs” and destruction wreaking paid-saboteur lackeys. Reports of these events have lately showcased many of the globalists’ modern-day Chicken Little proxies—particularly Bogus Big Media, Subversive Big City Mayors, and Seditious State Governors—squawking in non-stop negative news cycles, “Dire news we bring: The sky is falling down! The sky is falling down!”

All delivered with the coldly calculated intention of further stoking the flames of domestic terrorism and unrest now occurring in many American states. As opposed to concerning themselves with bringing forth unifying leadership that might mitigate and/or otherwise help bring the rioting mayhem to an end. Quite the opposite, actually. We must hold each of these phony leaders fully accountable for abdicating their duties to uphold the law and protect their citizens and their property against violence and destruction.

Likewise, the dissonance between what the pack of liars mainstream media smirkingly refer to as their “mission statement”—namely to truthfully and objectively report to the general public regarding matters of people, circumstances and events—and the reality of the biased falsehoods, fictions, and fabrications which they actually report to create fear and conflict is far too loud—and too grating—for any critical thinking person to accept at face value today. They are not objective and don’t give a damn about the truth!

It is vital to understand that the Deep State—through its Medusa-tentacled network of bought and paid for sycophants, especially in broadcast news—strives to traumatize and re-traumatize the general public on a daily basis in order to generate fear, anxiety, hopelessness and despair. To illustrate, as everyone recently watching unfolding world events with eyes even half-open have by now seen clearly for themselves, not only have the media been going out of their way to pour gasoline on the fire, they have escalated to lobbing never-ending volleys of incendiary devices onto it as well. By deliberate design, the seditious media disseminates indisputably subversive reports intended to advance their treasonous goals, namely via the sustaining and further inciting of civil and racial unrest leading to violence and lawlessness that fractures the nation. Plainly put, they have chosen to betray We the People.

That being the case, these criminals leave us no choice but to call them out for what they are: Anti-democracy traitors!

And likewise while we're at it, patriotic citizens the world over need to call out each and every Big Tech Monopoly social media platform now blatantly practicing censorship—thereby denying us our First Amendment rights—and demand that all abridgments upon freedom of speech be halted by these seditious anti-democracy petty tyrants. The corporate news giants’ “mind-control journalism” and social media techno-fascists’ "social-engineering operation" report and permit only the agenda-driven content they want—primarily half-truths, lies and damned lies—while refusing to report or permit content they don’t want in their “funhouse-mirror version of reality.”

So everyone is clear: Lies and secrets are the root of the globalists' evil—and knowledge is humanity's best weapon.

And while up until just recently the puppet-masters and their bought-and-paid-for minions have succeeded beyond all expectations in keeping us blind and oblivious to their malevolent sleigh-of-hand, pay close attention now, as everything is presently in the process of being revealed.

Simply stated, the time has now come for us to loudly and unhesitatingly call out all enemy combatant conspirators against ordinary law-abiding American citizens, businesses and good government—as defined by the United States Constitution and our laws. Starting with lying phony elected “leaders”—principally treasonous Members of Congress, state governors and big city mayors—along with their insurrectionist bogus policies, lying seditious Big Media reporters promoting categorically untrue “fake news,” and lying Big Tech and Big Pharma executives and experts and their devious agendas, all of whom are unequivocally not looking out for our—but rather their own—best interests. Likewise, we must also call out everyone inciting and/or perpetrating criminally violent acts and destructive chaos in our streets. We must hold all of these America-hating insurrectionists criminally accountable for their constitutionally unlawful misconduct by arresting and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of our laws.

In the meantime, you must stubbornly refuse to be fooled by all the lies these pathological globalist scoundrels are incessantly programming and conditioning you to believe in their increasingly desperate attempts to hijack the moral compass of our collective consciousness. Be assured: Resistance is not futile. Quite the contrary, when resistance is viewed through the twin crystalline lenses of allegiance and fidelity, here we stand and can do no other!

We cannot allow this divisive and violent behavior we are now seeing in our streets—and those traitors to liberty and democracy dedicated to promoting it within the media, government and anywhere else—to undermine our republic. Hell no, not without a fight to the death if necessary. God willing, theirs—and not oursas even now these evil globalists are struggling desperately to carry out through their megalomaniacal global genocide depopulation plan and control agenda.

It's vital that you understand: Only when you are able to see outside the narrative can you possibly see the techniques being used to manipulate, control, and keep you asleep. Mind-control only works when those being controlled are not aware of it. Once you become aware of it you can no longer be controlled by it. You must ditch the group think herd mentality that blindly buys into the worldview—it's high time to be a maverick and think for yourself! 

The necessity of thinking for yourself is so very vital that Aristotle’s observation on critical thinking bears repeating, “It is the mark of an educated man to entertain a thought without accepting it.” If you are ever to be a freethinker you must continually keep your mind open to new ideas and possibilities for as long as you live, no matter how far-fetched, contradictory, or otherwise impossible they may initially appear or inconveniently conflict with your present worldview. You likewise demonstrate both wisdom and courage when you open-mindedly seek out viewpoints that challenge or differ from your own current perspective to see what you can learn from them. 


“Those who tell the stories rule society.” ― Plato

The process of shaping and molding the perception of the herd mentality general public—in order for those in control to construct and project their false and misdirecting reality into our all too readily accepting minds, especially through national mainstream media, social media, movies, television, radio, entertainment, sports and commercials, publishing, and opinion-making (polls)—takes two forms. The first form is the above-board “good shepherd” role which directs and reinforces “the party narrative” for what we are being told is “in our best interests.” The second is the malevolently cloaked and seeking to be unnoticed “wolf in sheep’s clothing” role which underhandedly exploits and poaches innate human proclivities, particularly our propensity to conform and stay safe.

Regardless of which, both forms of this psychological manipulation, the good shepherd and the wolf, excel at furthering the wolf’s self-serving best interests—typically those which promote the hidden agenda of the so-called “elites” aka royal class”—and at the expense of “We the People.” This manipulation of reality is far from a new development. On the contrary, this unbridled wickedness has gone on now for centuries, and is today so incredibly entrenched, conspiratorially institutionalized and operating in overdrive that it completely boggles the mind.

The results of this very real—yet painstakingly hidden, invisible and insidious—deviousness, which the globalists have perversely perfected over generations, have been all too effective. So inextricable is their social-engineering programming that nowadays the general public is Pavlovian conditioned to respond with an unthinking collective eye-rolling prejudice that immediately labels anyone calling out these dark forces a “crazy conspiracist” or “nutty tin foil hatter”—or worse. To silence the most serious breaches of truth, these cunning globalists typically deploy an elaborate ad hominem attack “character assassination deflection strategy,” a highly effective approach that has been consistently successful in discrediting, neutralizing and misdirecting the attention away from the truth whenever it is being exposed!

In short, for far too long now this deviously clandestine plan has worked precisely as intended—by allowing those who control the story to get away with their deception—to their benefit and ultimate gain and to our detriment and ultimate loss. And yet, while this demonically effective plan continues to be widely deployed today, unlike in the past, the good news is that We the People the world over are at long last beginning to shake our all too complacent minds—and souls—awake! Each day now more and more of us are wising up to their wicked ways. More encouraging still, the general public has recently begun calling out and challenging these sociopathic globalists as never before, leaving them rightly quaking in their arrogant jackboots.

Something to keep in mind in the event of an official major disclosure announcement by trustworthy authorities is to steel yourself for what you are about to hear and read, and take as much time as needed to come to grips with what you’re learning. Don’t be surprised if your first reaction to what is being disclosed is one of total and absolute shock and disbelief. After all, it’s only normal to struggle when trying to comprehend unspeakable, morally depraved deeds that are light-years beyond incomprehensible.

Shock and overwhelm—likely followed by agonizing anger and pervasive sadness—are entirely appropriate responses upon discovering that pretty much everything you thought you knew about the world in our collective culture has been intentionally and malevolently misrepresented. Or is patently false, the opposite, or otherwise found to be wrong and inaccurate in a myriad of ways. In short, pretty much everything we thought was real shall be shown to be fake, and everything we thought was fake shown to be real.

Learning the truth when it has been hidden from you your whole life—especially shockingly unwanted and disconcerting truth—and coming to terms with it can be an extremely emotionally painful and disorienting process. Thus it’s only to be expected that it will take more than a little while—possibly quite some time, actually—for the stupefying shock of it all to sink in. In short, it won’t be easy for any of us to accept that “reality” as we long thought it to be is in reality mind-numbingly inside-out, upside-down, and all mixed-up, and all by deliberate design to keep us ignorant, oppressed and in the dark!

Initially, we will find it beyond belief upon discovering—to our horror and sheer incomprehension—that those individuals we commonly thought were heroes and those we thought were villains are, in fact, the other way around! Likewise, it will collectively unnerve us to learn that many of our favorite high-profile sports and entertainment icons—both alive and dead—are or were radically unlike their public personas and are or were, in actuality, morally corrupt and ethically bankrupt fiends who have done some very, very bad things. Monstrous, inhuman acts far beyond the imagination which over the last several years have become fully known and documented in preparation of legal prosecution for crimes against humanity and more, for which they will face military tribunals, and when found guilty, be severely punished.

It will be further revealed that they are, in effect, the manufactured and paid-off products and assets of the globalists' modern-day equivalent of ancient Rome’s “Bread & Circus,” by way of the “sports industrial complex” and “entertainment industrial complex” designed to keep us distracted and complacent. Considering the depth of deception we have been subjected to for so very long, the world citizenry will find itself devastatingly disconsolate for a considerable length of time. And rightly so.

Yet we must nonetheless resolutely move through these reactions to acceptance of a world that is not the world we thought it was. In short, there is going to be a period of time, after we discover that the world is actually far, far madder than we could ever have imagined, where we will all be needing to take some time to adjust.

I’ve given a lot of thought lately regarding how to assist people in wrapping their heads around what’s really been going on, and the best I’ve been able to come up with so far is to think of this shock to our collective national psyche as “The Great Betrayal.” As in betrayal of our trust by the very people and institutions we’ve been taught—and believed—were looking out for America, for us, and for the better good of humankind. Only they weren’t.

On the contrary, they were always only looking out for themselves and their heinous anti-human agenda of gaining total control and power over everyone on our planet. As sickening as it will be to discover, we will all have to get a grip and deal with it. Dealing with it effectively will require us to grieve for the world as we thought we knew it. During this very difficult time you must remember to trust the process, and to trust that you are strong enough to come through it intact. Even so, expect it to be a slow, non-linear process.

A rude awakening of this unprecedented magnitude will require everyone to muster all the courage we have as we struggle adjusting to the fact that, for essentially our entire lives—we have been lied to. Worse still, the staggering level of covert propaganda programming operations against American citizen's that will be revealed is more than anyone would ever believe! It shall leave us all struggling to accept how we have been intentionally misinformed and misdirected to keep us repressed and disempowered—by our high-level so-called “governmental leaders,” prominent institutions, and cherished organizations that we have long trusted with having our best interests in mind. Expect it to be rough going for a while as you grapple with the massive inner discord it unleashes. Hang in there, and while it won’t happen overnight, know it will eventually pass.

In the meantime, allow yourself to ride the tidal wave of emotions likely to be unleashed by some of the earth-shattering revelations you learn about—cry, shout, grieve, scream, pray or otherwise emote—just don’t get carried away and hurt yourself or anyone else. You must make every effort and dig deep to rein in your emotions if you are to avoid succumbing to “disclosure madness” in the days following such revelations.

Do whatever it takes to stay calm and non-violent. Likewise, don’t allow yourself to get all wound up with anxiety or shut down and sink into depression over it. Take a nap, meditate, exercise, pray and/or go out into nature to recharge when it all seems just too much for you at the moment. Trust me when I say I know full well of what I speak.

Allow me to share that over the last several years of my research journey deep into this hellish moral cesspool and abyss of iniquity, through which I am now delicately guiding you, I have on numerous occasions personally needed to employ these very strategies to ride out my own waves of overwhelming agitation and bewilderment that whelmed up. At times the all-consuming sorrow and instinctual outrage I felt so knocked me off-balance that without these self-soothing practices I doubt very much I would presently be capable of making this attempt to sensibly articulate these thoughts with you today. Even now, after nearly 5 years of researching this depraved shadow world government, I often have to take a break from it all for a few hours or days to recharge and recovery from the dizzying depths of malevolence and wickedness I continue to uncover. 

Should you find yourself similarly struggling in the future, remember that it always helps to talk your feelings through with family, friends and others. The thing is, upon our nation and world receiving the earth-rocking briefings likely soon forthcoming, those you care about and those caring about you will need to talk about it to try and make sense of it all. Especially at such times as these, you must remember that attempting to make rational sense out of the irrational and senseless will always prove itself an exercise in frustration and futility. 

To say that the collective gut punch we absorb from disclosed information in the not so distant future may literally knock the collective wind out of us is no exaggeration. Believe me when I say it really is that bad. Be patient with yourself and the process while doing your best to “eat the elephant one bite at a time” and slowly digest it, so to speak. It will take each of us a good length of time to fully absorb and process all the lies we’ve long been told. As it turns out, world history—as we have all long been taught it—really is bunk!

What we learn may leave us partially to perhaps fully disoriented, though only temporarily, for a period of a few days or weeks. It will pass as we get used to it. Though don’t expect it to be easy; on the contrary, indeed how hard it is for most people to believe anything new or different from what they were taught when young! During this time of mental “headset readjustment” it will be a good idea for each of us to reach out to people, places and things that we know to still be true and good to help us to recenter and reboot ourselves—for post-disclosure world 2.0. Doing so will best prepare us to re-engage with our new reality as we will be coming to understand it post-disclosure. And while it will require significant mental and emotional effort to adjust, adjust we must.

Adjusting will require each and every one of us to overcome our innate “cognitive dissonance” reaction that is sure to follow from such unfathomable revelations. Cognitive dissonance occurs when people hold a core belief that is very strong, so strong in fact that when they are presented with evidence that works against their belief, the new evidence is discounted, minimized, or otherwise not accepted. This cognitive dissonance is a result of a psychological mechanism that seeks to protect our core belief, causing us to rationalize, ignore, and even deny anything that contradicts or otherwise does not fit with it.

Suffice it to say, we must push through any and all internal resistance we encounter along the way so that we can fully “accept what is for what is” with neither embellishment nor equivocation. While it won’t be easy, for your overall mental health and wellbeing during times of tempests tossed emotions, reality compels that you do it. There simply are no other healthy options. Therefore give it all you’ve got to rein in any tendencies to deny or otherwise minimize new revelations, especially when you are struggling to integrate what you have learned, no matter how distasteful and/or incomprehensible it all may seem to you at the present moment.

We will have to look at a lot of ugly things. The length, breadth and depth of the seemingly unlimited in scope deception that we have been subjected to, not to mention some of the horrific details we could soon be learning, will take much more than a few days to process. What we learn will profoundly change every one of us forever. And while life as we have known it will never be the same, overall the changes will be inarguably for the better as the events revealed initiate a wonderful new and exciting chapter in our lives—for every single person on the planet and for all humanity hereafter.

Towards furthering this praiseworthy end, it is crucial that We the People find our unified voice and speak out as one against the inhumane tyranny the world over that has long been imposed upon the people of our planet by these homicidal maniacs. And while a good start, we must do more than simply speaking out against those imposing forced subjugation upon us. Along with letting our voices be heard, in the name of real liberty and justice for all, we must unhesitatingly—whenever and wherever we find their oppressive doctrines and brainwashing propaganda furtively slinking about—stomp it out.


Garbage in, garbage out

The mid 20th century computer expression, “Garbage in, garbage out” essentially states that incorrect or poor quality input inevitably produces incorrect or otherwise faulty output. It works the same way with human behavior. If your thinking exist on an unhealthy diet of faulty or otherwise disempowering “junk food” information and indoctrination—cunningly being promoted as “health food” by the evil globalists for their own vested self-serving interests—you are inevitably going to arrive at disempowering junk-fueled conclusions.

Unfortunately more often than not, that’s precisely the intention behind the individuals and institutions that are shoveling it up for our consumption with not only bad intent, it breaks my heart to report, but nothing short of diabolically evil intent. The demonic deeds which they been doing—and until they are stopped will continue doing—include anything and everything that furthers their soulless anti-human Luciferian beliefs, deeds and agendas. Including engaging in aberrant actions which are beyond vile, morally depraved, and categorically repulsive.

Likewise I say—with no sensationalistic intention whatsoever—that there may well be times in the not so distant future when disclosure information is revealed and thrust upon the world which forces us all to come to grips with a devastatingly shocking new reality. Including revelations of monstrosities and atrocities triggering visceral convulsions and mass confusion that unleashes upon the general public a degree of collective anger and grief on a magnitude unlike anything ever before in known human history.

Particularly during times filled with spine-chilling and deeply disturbing disclosures, or during periods of unfolding and terrifying world events—we must make every effort to keep ourselves grounded. Times when the earth below our feet seems to have suddenly fallen out from under us. Earthshaking developments—no matter how shocking and abominable—are no time to deny or otherwise minimalize reality, but on the contrary, are a time to make every effort to accept and digest what is happening no matter how bitter and unthinkable a pill it is for us to swallow.

During difficult periods of individual and social upheaval such as now and in the days ahead, when the world as you and everyone else knew it is being tossed upside down and all around, stay steady, have courage and keep your wits about you even as you struggle to wrap your head around what you are learning. It is never easy finding out things are not the way you think they are. When necessary, give yourself time to adjust and get used to it. It will help to keep in mind that before we can ever hope to change reality we must first accept reality as it really is, so be gentle yet firm with yourself and others as we all effort to deal with it and adapt ourselves accordingly to the new situation.

To that end, if you are to combat and prevent yourself from being brainwashed, misled or otherwise misdirected by anyone or anything, you must learn to think for yourself. You cannot rely on what you've been told in the past, or for that matter, are presently being told—including what you are reading now within this article! Freethinking requires us to do our own due diligence research analysis by applying critical thinking skills to everything we read and are being told so we can arrive at our own conclusions.

Essentially, we have to relearn how to think for ourselves. Case in point:  How often do you question the things you think and believe? Or why you think the way you think, or believe the things you believe, or do the things you do? The practical application for taking this discerning "self-determination approach" can be neatly summed up by a popular refrain uttered by many young American adults during the late 1960's: “Question authority.” Though on second thought, in today's crazy inside-out, upside-down, all mixed-up world, you just might be better off questioning pretty much most everything!

In the end, the most effective psychological approach for negotiating life is to think for yourself. Likewise, make it your habit to vigorously challenge and dispute falsehoods, irrational or otherwise faulty self-defeating beliefs and negative expectations. Replacing them with truthful, rational and realistic self-empowering beliefs and positive expectations is essential. In short, you would do well to do exactly as the popular 1940’s Johnny Mercer song advised, namely being that “You've got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, and don't mess with Mister In-Between!”

If you are really serious about personal growth and wellbeing, reading fact-based self-help books and studying inspirational teachings can provide you with a good foundation that helps ground you. Self-improvement will give you greater insight into yourself and others, and provide you with lots of effective strategies on how to best go about it. Same goes for engaging in personal growth activities and participating in self-help support groups. All good stuff!

And for anyone whose struggles presently seem beyond self-help, making an appointment with a good counselor at this time can provide you with direction and support, so don't hesitate to seek the help you need to get your life back on track. There's never any shame in seeking help from others, for on the contrary, it takes real courage and strength to ask for help.


You can handle the truth

Regarding expected upcoming disclosures, here’s the truth of it: When disclosure first occurs, we will all need to mentally steady ourselves to process the startling and alarming news we are receiving. Following the initial shock of it all, we can expect to feel overwhelmed by and incredulous over what we are being told. The specifics contained in one of the first officially authorized disclosures will likely include mind-boggling facts detailing mass arrests involving tens of thousands of individuals in America alone—and over one hundred thousand individuals worldwide.

From such a disclosure we will likely learn of well over one hundred thousand grand jury sealed indictments that had been long prepared and since served, and which by then will have lead to mass arrests, expedited military trials, and for those convicted, lengthy prison sentences. And for the darkest, most evil perpetrators of crimes against humanity, circumstances may demand nothing less than a sentence of execution. For anyone so inclined, pray for their wicked souls, for in actuality they have inconceivably sold their souls to the devil.

A disclosure of this level will likely reveal the criminal involvement and previously unannounced mass arrests of literally tens of thousands of well known public figures from around the world for a variety of appalling atrocities. These mass arrests will likely include an eye-popping collection of power-driven political operatives that have been masquerading as major world leaders and high-level government officials—both past and present—for stunning acts of betrayal, treason and a sickening assortment of atrocious and debased crimes.

Also being rounded up for arrest will be numerous Big Media moguls—along with a multitude of their minions aka "news personalities" prominent on the national and world stage in print, radio, and television—for sedition and subversion of having knowingly and willfully disseminated false and treasonous information to the general public. And that will be but the tip of this stinking sinking iceberg. When initially revealed—and likely for some time until it can really sink in—the boundless extensiveness of the American mass media's heinous treachery will be utterly inconceivable to the general public.

The worldwide dragnet now reportedly underway—of which we will likely only be informed about after the fact—shall also cast its wide net upon a jaw-dropping multitude of well known and beloved individuals who form the so-called “Satanism elites” of this criminal cabal. Those in cahoots to be arrested and charged with despicable, mind-numbing criminal activity will include yet not be limited to many famous sports and entertainment icons, major religious figures, cherished celebrities, prominent movie and television personalities, and big-named luminaries—many of whom shall be conclusively exposed as lifelong Satanic pedophiles who have done some very bad things.

Those also to be indicted soon shall include numerous so-called “billionaire philanthropists,” many of whom shall be exposed in reality as covert and dedicated eugenicists, fervent pedophiles, and devoted Satanists. It will be truly mind-boggling to comprehend and extremely difficult to accept, at least initially, until the irrefutable evidence that is presented removes any and every shred of doubt over their unrepentant guilt.

The heartbreak factor that follows our learning about the horrifying details involving these individuals will be exceeded only by the gut-wrenching factor that follows from learning about the abominable deeds these same individuals have secretly been engaging in for many decades. I further predict that while the general public struggles to assimilate these bombshell revelations, there will be a period of time afterwards that leaves the nation and the world collectively aghast and in a state of unmitigated pandemonium.

While it will understandably be extremely difficult for you to learn, even more horrific, bone-chilling revelations shall likely be exposed at this same time. Prepare yourself to hear despicable revelations and accusations backed by the presentation of irrefutable evidence detailing the ongoing practice of black magic and dark Satanic occult rituals by these same individuals. Rituals and criminalities involving unthinkable and unspeakable acts of depravity, including innumerable instances of murder, human and child sex trafficking, organized pedophilia, sexual assault, sexual slavery, sexual torture, drug trafficking, genocide, bio-terror, eugenics, cannibalism, and the list goes sickeningly on and on. The disclosure of their staggering wickedness and cosmic-level crimes against Divine Law and humanity shall leave us all reeling, retching, and in tears.

It won’t be easy, but even so, you must do whatever it takes to readily come to grips with what you learn. You can handle the truth. Have faith in yourself and your fellow world citizens to bear this almost unbearable sorrow, especially seeing as how there aren't any other rational alternatives anyway.

Be forewarned:  The list of perpetrators involved in this dark cabal and evil shadow government will be shockingly long, for it runs incredibly deep within society the entire world over. It involves many well known, previously respected and highly venerated people that none of us would ever in a million years have suspected could be part of something so innately cruel and savagely sinister. Without question, what we learn from officially authorized disclosures of this nature will irrevocably change us and the world as we knew it, or at least thought we knew it, forever—past, present and future—even as it ushers in the start of a new Golden Age era of peace, harmony, and goodwill to all humankind. Be assured:  Better days are ahead.

You must understand that it’s not a matter of whether but when these disclosure events unfold. When they do, it will be vital that you hold a mindset of positive expectation for “what’s next” in the post-disclosure era. To say it will be nothing short of world-changing is an understatement. And far from being just wishful thinking on my or the part of other’s who are aware of what’s really going on presently in the world—and regardless of whether or not we like or are ready for what we learn—the change for the better post-disclosure is, in fact, inevitable.

Even now as I write this article, I very well realize that what I am saying here may sound so mind-numbingly outlandish, perhaps even seemingly impossible to actually be reality-based, which is only to be expected from anyone on the receiving end of such completely disorienting information. Give yourself time to let it all sink in and get used to it. Please know that to the best of my knowledge I do not exaggerate, nor do I in any other way misportray the facts of world events now unfolding in present time, or those likely to be unfolding soon.

My purpose in sharing this information with you at this time, pre-disclosure, is most assuredly not to upset—but rather help prepare—you to emotionally buckle-up for the unprecedented turbulence likely to occur in the coming weeks and months ahead. You could rightly think of this exposé as a “soft-disclosure red pill” designed to help cushion the shock your nervous system experiences once the depth of treason and crimes against humanity that these sick individuals have long perpetrated is exposed. Wrongdoings and atrocities perpetrated against America, against the nations of the world, and against humanity at large—all of which we shall learn in the not-so-distant future through officially authorized U.S. Governmental “disclosure sit-downs” to be televised worldwide to the general public.

Recent insider reports are now confirming that mass arrests and military tribunals for these traitors and Satanists have already begun, and are ongoingly being held at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. Each trial is reportedly being recorded in analog film, for future TV usage in so-called “disclosure sit-downs,” most likely to be authorized for broadcasting sometime after the election by those loyal to the U.S. Government—composed of patriots “true to the Constitution and Union of American States, and to the perpetual liberty of all the people” who are being lead by President Donald Trump.

Turns out Trump was right all along about the dire urgency to “drain the swamp,” as—God willing—history shall indeed attest to and record for posterity. And apparently not a moment too soon, as even now the globalists continue to desperately carry out their genocidal depopulation plan to kill off nearly all of humanity—reportedly 13 out of every 14 people now alive on the planet!—in order to further enslave and cement control over those remaining. All of these allegations and many more will be supported by an excess of specific details and irrefutable evidence that, when revealed to the world public at large, will erase any possible doubt over the guilt of those who have perpetrated these unthinkable crimes against America and humanity.

And as for those found guilty of high treason against the United States Government—against its criminal laws, against its Constitutional laws which they swore an Oath to uphold, and against We the People—as well as for their crimes against humanity, sentencing will be swift: Death by execution. And indeed—while as yet unconfirmed—it has been reported by insiders that many of these treacherous evil-doers and perpetrators of inhumanity have in recent weeks been arrested, tried, sentenced, and executed for their war crimes. May God help their corrupted souls.

And our thunderstruck minds. For regardless of when these trials are actually carried out, a preponderance of damning evidence shall be produced proving guilt beyond all doubt for those so charged. When this stunning news is revealed through officially authorized disclosures to the world population at large, it shall collectively leave us all—initially and likely for a good while afterwards—one hundred percent aghast and categorically confounded.

Expect to be initially overwhelmed with “information overload” and a corresponding inability to fully believe what you are learning. Further expect that we will all—every one of us the globe over—need time for the magnitude of the worldwide pursuance of treason and crimes against humanity of which we shall be learning to really sink in and fully register. Any attempt to rush it shall prove fruitless. Rather, we must allow the process to unfold organically—in its own time and way for each of us—and most likely in fits and starts. It is important to keep in mind that acceptance is a process, not a singular event. The only way through it is through it—you must trust the process to take you safely to the other side.

For only once we are able to fully comprehend and accept the monstrous, mind-boggling extensiveness of the treachery and abominations that have been perpetrated against America and humanity, can we as the human race possibly begin the long process of collectively healing from it. And heal we shall the world over, of that you can be certain, to emerge as a stronger, better, and more united human race than ever in known recorded history!  Likewise, even as I now present this admittedly vague glimpse into what lies ahead for humanity post-disclosure—as peered through squinty eyes at the present juncture—be assured that together we shall cross that river when we reach it.

In essence, my main objective in writing and releasing this self-help guide at this time is to equip you with a proverbial paddle, so to speak, to steer your emotions through the turbulent emotional white-water rapids in the days ahead without capsizing and drowning in the process. Rest assured: You can do it!

This above all else, remember:  Have faith for better days ahead. Everything is in Divine Order. No matter what happens in the future—or how dicey things at times may seem in the coming days—there is never a need to panic or otherwise worry.

For on the contrary, by the time disclosure is announced the majority of the danger will most likely by then thankfully—and God willing, mostly unbeknownst to us—have already passed. Post-disclosure will be a time for everyone the world over to first come to terms with how the general public has been long deceived, and next to grieve and heal from our collective mass betrayal. Even so, at this same time we will also need to mentally prepare ourselves—from all reports—for a better world and life heralding a “new era” far, far beyond our wildest dreams and imagination, a progressive world chock full of wonderful futuristic technologies and previously unobtainable possibilities.


We are One—No weapon formed against us shall prosper

Please join me now in holding this vision:

No weapon formed against us shall prosper. United as One globally, we shall indeed prevail over whatever challenges lie ahead in the coming months, so that in the not-so-distant future we can together co-create and experience a world where humankind is at peace and living together in harmony.

Similar to the unprecedented world solidarity presently being experienced the globe over in our unified fight against the coronavirus threat, we shall all be in this together. During these difficult times ahead for America and the world, it’s more essential than ever that we stubbornly hold positive expectations for a better tomorrow, and refuse to let anything undermine it. Even and especially at times when what we may be learning down the road from officially authorized disclosures threatens to destroy—or at minimum shakes to the very foundation—our faith in humanity. Never let it!


Call to action

To anyone inclined to take further action, I strongly urge you to engage in some internet homework of your own. For starters, I suggest you begin your research by going deep down the rabbit hole that is “the Illuminati”, “the Deep State”, “the Shadow Government”, “the Cabal”, “the Georgia Guidestones”, “the New World Order”, “Agenda 21 aka Agenda 2030” and the following TWO Must-Reads by John Coleman, Ph.D.—the 1997/2006 revised classic exposé, “The Committee of 300,” and the PDF version of his 2006 book—available FREE online—entitled, “The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.” A THIRD Must-Read is the 1991/2019 revised book, “Behold a Pale Horse” written by William Cooper. You are strongly advised to steel yourself for what your research in all these subjects will reveal.

And for eye-opening truthful news, visit “EdgeofWonder.tv” on YouTube. Also check out online “TheEpochTimes.com” newspaper and “NaturalNews.com” newsletter, along with “ExoPolitics.org” and “StillnessInTheStorm.com” and ECETI.org” commentaries and “QAnon” postings. You can take it on your own from there.

For despite what we have all been told over many, many decades by the hired mouthpieces of the worldwide media controlling demonic globalists—and yes, these heinous fiends really do own, control, and have a stranglehold upon virtually all of the national and international mainstream print, television and radio media, news agencies Reuters, Agence-France Press (AFP), The Associated Press (AP), United Press International (UPI), Tribune News Service, Agencia EFE, and Hollywood—in actuality these organizations are dedicated fomenters of social discord.

It pains me to give a shout-out to perhaps the most consummate playbook agitator of all—National Public Radio (NPR)—for its insidious all-out frontal assault on truth by spreading non-stop disreputable anti-Trump propaganda seven days a week—under the guise of creating “a more informed public.” When in truth, they couldn’t do a better job of creating “a more dis-informed public” if they were duty-bound! As a now former many-decade loyal fan and supporter of NPR myself, I find their agenda-driven abandonment of and betrayal to honest journalism the most unkindest cut of all—“Et tu, Brute?”


“Smear Trump 2020”—
The Greatest Coordinated Disinformation Campaign EVER,
Now Playing on a Screen Near You

Over the coming months leading up to the fall 2020 presidential election, the duplicitous “fourth estate” of corporate media predictably can be expected to ramp up its poisoning of American minds through Machiavellian tactics that push emotional hot-buttons to stir up violence, conflict and dissension amongst our populace. And indeed, some are now saying that this election is the last chance for the international Deep State Cabal and their bloodline families—in tandem with their reptilian overlords in nonphysical realms controlling them—“to regain their grasp on the puppet strings of the citizens of the world and the political and economic systems that govern them.” Expect them to do whatever they can get away with—anything and everything, no matter how dark or criminal—to maintain power.

Of this you can be certain:  These “criminal news syndicates” are not looking out for us. Nothing could be further from the truth. Despite their claims of advocating for our good, the real overarching aim of these two-faced news agencies is to provide seditious disinformation and perpetuate falsehoods that betray our country while advancing the evil the globalists perpetrate in the shadows.

In reality, they and their fellow “black hat” corporate and governmental co-conspirators are engaging in treasonous and sinister actions under the pretense of protecting the public welfare, while furthering their self-serving agendas via a multitude of lies, trickery and any means necessary to take down America. Any. Means. Necessary.  For these self-serving demons, the end always justifies the means—and their end is to rule the world by bringing about the utter destruction of America, complete control over every nation, and the domination of every individual on the planet!

These psychopathological traitors specialize in and operate through secret dealings and maneuvers that run 180 degrees contrary to America’s founding principles. So there is no misunderstanding, we are talking about a level of treachery and outright treason that seeks to undermine and destroy our freedom and liberty such as these United States have never before experienced in our history. Should you find yourself tending to shrug off what I have just stated as nothing more than unhinged hyperbole, I implore you to take a moment now to contemplate it again, and then ask yourself, "But what if it is true?" Any red-blooded patriot should shudder at the very thought of it.


November 6, 2020 Post Election Update:

Due to apparent ballot counting irregularities in the recent presidential election and, as a result, numerous court cases in many contested states, I entreat everyone to hold a steady and calm emotional head-space NO MATTER WHAT happens between now and the time the election is ultimately settled, mostly like through the Courts.  

Nonetheless, make no mistake: The rampant election tampering and ballot fraud being perpetrated and exposed is a long-in-the-plans coup d’état against the government of the United States, one that we cannot accept andin God we trustone that shall not succeed!

On the contrary, the brazen cheating and deception still going on behind closed ballot counting doors shall alternatively only serve to expose, implicate and indict for criminal activities—for all the world to see—the countless co-conspirator players major and minor in government and private industry, who in their smug arrogance, never dreamed they would get caught. Let alone be tried and face judgment for their treasonous crimes against We the People, and for their unspeakable, stomach-turning crimes against humanity which will also be revealed.

The time has come for us to put our country before our party. Investigations and Court cases must proceed in order to defend the integrity of our electoral process. Until the truth —and Courts—prevail, and regardless of political views, let us now unite in our Oneness—as undivided patriotic Americans all of us—by keeping a level head, open mind, and exercising critical thinking to everything about to be revealed to us in the coming days. May God bless and preserve America for countless generations to come!


Above all, you must not allow anyone but yourself to make up your mind

The members of this dark globalist criminal cabal are not only outright perpetrators of high treason, insurrection, crimes against humanity and innumerable other acts of utter wickedness, but also behind the scenes attacks on those they purport to serve. This includes their long ongoing and presently escalating depopulation agenda—crimes that when exposed will rank amongst the worst ever committed in known history. The group of entities listed above is all too real, and anyone who looks into them with an open mind will readily conclude it is impossible to label and write off anyone speaking out about them as a quack or nutty “fringe conspiracy theorist.” Quite the contrary, actually.

For anyone willing to undertake due diligence research, in short order it will become all too plainly and painfully revealed how these dark entities and their vested interests have usually been and continue to be the source, cause and culprits responsible for much of the pain, suffering, and savageness that has been visited upon humankind for hundreds of years. And yet I dare say their days are now severely numbered, though no one expects them to go out without a battle royale—which as a matter of fact just so happens to be going on WORLDWIDE EXACTLY RIGHT NOW!—in space, air, water, land and within the bowels of secret deep underground military bases (DUMBS) and an extensive deep underground network of high-speed magnetic levitation (Maglev) train tunnels crisscrossing America and running under the oceans and circling the entire globe.

Moreover, while it might seem a stretch to believe until you follow the evidence, make no mistake that the cold-bloodedly orchestrated and calculated “false flag” recent unleashing of the man-made coronavirus pandemic is unequivocally of the globalists’ evil handy work—with many insiders now referring to the coronavirus pandemic as a “plandemic”—which they unambiguously describe as a long in the works and waiting for just the “right time” to release it upon us mass-murder sneak attack.

In an act of war, China fired the first shot with “silent weapons”—and be assured—we most certainly are at war with the CCP, though not with the tyrannized Chinese national population who are the first victims of the Chinese Communist Party’s nefarious methods of control, oppression and persecution. A preponderance of evidence is now showing that it was the CCP who malevolently engineered the China virus—aka CCP virus—in a Wuhan lab and with unconscionable intent dispersed the deadly CCP virus to the world as an “unrestricted bio-weapon.” The CCP’s undeniable hand in this pandemic was recently exposed by former WHO Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan, in her well-documented and published claims, despite the fake—bought-and-paid-for-by-China—media falsely labeling her exposé as “a hoax.” Make no mistake:  The CCP’s crimes against humanity know no bounds. Case in point—

The planned mass-murder “sneak attack” release of this virus upon the world is but one small part of the genocidal maniac CCP’s long-range plan to subjugate America in their plan to overtake (and literally invade and populate) not only America but ultimately the entire world! This ability has recently been made all the more possible through the use of AI provided by double-crossing U.S. Big Tech Corporation traitors, who sold America and We the People out by providing the CCP with the technological means to deploy their attack and control the world population with enhanced Draconian policies such as are now used on their own virtually completely subjugated Chinese people.

Heaven forbid, should the CCP succeed in their diabolical plan, it will herald a dystopian age of surveillance and spying; the coming of the darkest tyranny the world will yet experience within the globalists’ so-called “New World Order” inside a “One World Government brutal feudal society.” As a consequence, people of all backgrounds who desire freedom, democracy, human rights, the rule of law, respect for their fundamental freedoms, their human dignity—all of which are the birthright of every human being—must be vigilant and vigorously resist giving in to an appeasement way of thinking when it comes to confronting China as the global criminal it is.

Be that as it may, this is but the latest of the globalists' ongoing and desperate last ditch salvos to retain their Satanic control at any cost. If nothing else, these brutes intend to sow as many more seeds of chaos and destruction as they can—event after event after event, presumptively with each one worse than the previous—all the way to the elections or until their reign of terror is forced to a halt. Their calculated unleashing of this human-engineered coronavirus crisis shall almost assuredly not be their last act of inhumane aggression before they are finally overthrown and held accountable for their war crimes.


"Red Pill" Spoiler Alert!

Globalists Planning to Launch a "Hail Mary Pass" Staged Fake "Hostile Alien Invasion"

Or Fake "Friendly Alien Rescue"


According to those in the know, such as renowned Exopolitics (the politics of outer space) researcher Dr. Michael Salla amongst others, we must watch out for other false flag events long in the works—especially including any attempt by those in power to launch a desperate “Hail Mary pass” plan to regain control by staging a fake “hostile alien invasion” attack. These traitorous governmental officials/globalists have plans to announce we are being invaded and under attack by hostile extraterrestrials, and thus will claim they must be swiftly granted “enhanced powers” in order to combat this invasion so they can “save humanity.” But in reality, they will actually be utilizing secret hidden advanced Earth technology to wreak havoc—similar to the highly-advanced CGI/holographic technology that they used in the false flag 911 attacks—as they themselves rain death and destruction upon humanity around the planet in order to tighten and cement their evil grip over us.

Those in the know also now warn of yet another deceptive scenario purportedly being readied for release—given an increasing series of predicted global disasters about to occur—via a staged fake “friendly alien rescue” visit. Expect the globalists to utilize the same highly-advanced existing technology to project giant CGI/holographic images of spacecraft and more in the sky, and to announce that “the aliens have come to Earth to help humanity solve all our problems.”

Still another version, which I call the staged fake “Divine Intervention” scenario, has the trickster globalists projecting highly convincing CGI/holographic likenesses of Jesus, Moses, Krishna, Buddha and Muhammad into the heavens above regionally selective cities, while each “fake divinity” issues undermining proclamations the “dark side” hopes will keep us deceived, enfeebled and under their power and control. You just can’t make this stuff up!

Also worrisome are recent reports from trusted insiders, including Dr. Salla, telling of developments firmly pointing to a major false flag “asteroid attack” along the Pacific Coast of southern California sometime this fall. Utilizing already deployed, highly advanced secret space technology—such as “Rods of God” weaponry to simulate an asteroid strike—the Deep State genocidal maniacs have a plan to unleash catastrophic destruction causing human carnage on an unimaginable scale in a last-ditch effort to disrupt the 2020 Presidential election. 

Suffice it to say, should any variation of the just-described events unfold in the days ahead you must not under any circumstances believe it. These genocidal maniacs view humanity as “the enemy” and have only sneering contempt and rabid sworn enmity for us! For anyone so inclined, pray for our nation and for We the People to prevent any such monstrously evil atrocities against humanity from happening.

Moreover—under absolutely no circumstances whatsoever—should we ever allow anyone to sign away our U.S. Constitutional Rights “in order to protect” the general public and our republic! Inarguably, it’s the people who would readily betray and abdicate our U.S. Constitutional Rights—especially from within our own U.S. Government—and not extraterrestrials that pose the only real and credible threat to humanity and America.

So everyone is clear:  These anti-human globalist governmental high-level officials are not working for us. Far from it, for on the contrary in actuality they have for many decades been malevolently conspiring against our national interests under the guise of benevolent “leadership.” Witness now their desperate last ditch attempts to undermine democracy by any means available.

Currently they and their co-conspirators in high levels of state and national U.S. Government, and other positions of authority, are maneuvering to politicize and exploit the ongoing pandemic crisis to further their putrid agenda. Including their devious plan to exercise voter fraud in the upcoming fall elections. One has only to note their rabid zealousness as they now lobby to implement national voting by mail “to ensure the safety of the general public.” You must not believe them. Their self-serving argument would be laughable if the consequences weren’t so dastardly and potentially lethal to democracy.

Their criminal plan is to hijack the 2020 elections by hook or by crook to ensure that the Trump administration does not win a second term—at any cost and by any means whatsoever—including stepping up their relentless and dishonest non-stop character assassination upon him via their national media proxies. At the risk of provoking those suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” political psychosis, aka TDS, I beg of you to refrain from outright dismissing or simply refusing to even consider this accusation as anything more than a matter of individual or collective paranoia, or any other type of psychological disorder. Doing so would not only be flat-out wrong, but also an extremely hazardous mistake endangering the very health and future of our great republic.

Food for thought question: Who do you think continually heats, stirs and poisons the polarized pot of American minds today with their fanatical daily-news-cycle barrage of false, slanderous, divisive and downright hateful media reports and cover-ups, with the fullest intention of provoking tension and disharmony amongst our populace? There’s no way to candy-coat the answer: Bought and paid-for traitors to our liberty and democracy, that’s who.

And all with the primary design of ginning up and fanning the flames of TDS. The fact is, TDS is actually a Deep State psychological operation, aka “psyop,” which is covert mind control designed to induce or reinforce foreign attitudes and behavior favorable to the originator's objectives. In this particular case, to instill fear and loathing in the general population through “fake news”—precisely as the president has been saying all along—delivered by biased media against Donald Trump, with the end goal of discrediting and ultimately undermining his presidency. I admit it sounds incredulous. Yet make no mistake: These complaint and seditious, two-faced criminal syndicates—masquerading as "Free Press"—are counting on your very same disbelief—and I hasten to add, laziness—to ensure you keep ignoring “the man behind the curtain.”

As I have repeatedly warned, these globalists and their traitorous bought and paid for “black hat” elected and media minions are far from amateurs—quite the opposite actually. Yet even as I speak, these world-class masterminds of deceit and manipulation are stunned and aghast to find themselves feeling pain from and unexpectedly engaged in a literal fight for their lives and wickedly warped agendas against loyal American military and government "white hats." And speaking about being engaged in a fight for their lives, while most of us may not yet know it, so is the entire human race.

Moreover, not only do these sadistic globalists know full well the evil they do, they know how to do it, and have the means to do it if they and their plans are not first pre-empted by We the People of the United States and the remaining “white hat patriots in our Government, of which there are still thankfully many. On a personal note for anyone caring, I historically consider myself an apolitical independent with no political party affiliation whatsoever. Yet because it’s no exaggeration to say that our country is presently engaged in a bitter “shadow civil war,” this is no time for sitting on the fence and being wishy-washy, hence the patriotically principled stand I now take—as a proud and loyal American—to side with the “white hats” to restore democracy.

Furthermore, while it will be one heck of a horse pill for many to choke down—and it sure as hell was for me when I first learned it—in actuality it was the “white hats” alliance of loyal U.S. military high command and U.S. Government high-level officials that initially sought out, recruited to run for office, and are now being lead in a take-down of the “black hats” by none other than President Donald Trump! Remember seeing that electrifying image of a broadly beaming Commander-in-Chief President Trump posing for a photo with 21 senior military commanders in the Oval Office of the White House on October 23, 2018? I sincerely doubt anyone who viewed it could ever forget this impressive and unprecedented photographic event.

As the author of this article, I wish to disclose that I am not a political person, and have neither voted for nor ever been in the Trump MAGA camp. Nevertheless, because I have since come to understand how this present shadow tug-of-war is about the very survival of our country’s democracy—and has absolutely nothing to do with politics—I have come around to support his continued presidency.

Again, I fully realize accepting this reality will be a hard pill for many to swallow until you do your own research. Believe me when I say I have been there and it took me a while myself to come around to it. Nonetheless, I now strongly urge—nay, entreat—you to work at wrapping your head around the admittedly radical idea that supporting Trump’s presidency is not about the man himself.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Accordingly, what I say next about current world events is stated without a fraction of hyperbole. To paraphrase President Lincoln at Gettysburg:  It is about a test whether this nation shall long endure…and, under God, have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth. Without question, not since the civil war has our nation faced a crisis of “enemies from within” as it presently faces, and indeed, I am confident that history will record it as such once this “shadow war” has been won.

For this reason each of us must now choose sides, like it or not, and understand that taking no side favors the “black hats.” I am sorry to remind you that they are counting on your laziness to do nothing! You’re badly mistaken if you think these criminally insane psychopathic globalists have any authentic feelings for the general public other than sneering contempt and rabid sworn enmity.

If our country is to survive this deeply metastasized Constitutional cancer and restore our Constitution, we must each choose the right side. The side of Truth, Justice, and the American way which genuinely supports and seeks to uphold the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights towards ensuring the long continuation of our beloved country for many generations to come. Even so doing, this battle to stop the takeover of our country and to hold the “black hat” globalists accountable for their crimes shall be anything but easy. And while the “white hat” faction is winning the battle is far from over.

Again I say,—without a shred of hyperbole—our country is now engaged in an unprecedented, world-wide, multi-dimensional, multi-faceted fight for its very existence unlike anything in our distinguished 244 year history. Providence permitting, We the People will prevail so that indeed our Government of, by, and for the people shall not perish from the earth. And while the battle to protect the Constitution and preserve the United States is reportedly moving steadily towards a positive outcome, the end result is by no means guaranteed.

Already this globally-based Deep State Cabal, through its turncoat American state and national level government minions—primarily composed of prominent elected high-level Democrats along with some prominent elected high-level Republicans mixed in—have perfected and perpetrated the crime of voter fraud in numerous recent American state elections of governors, senators, judges, and many other offices.

Even now they are actively planning to engage in vote-by-mail fraud in the upcoming presidential election. And, while such an accusation as this will no doubt sound outlandish and perhaps even categorically unhinged—and quite frankly, understandable so—it is nonetheless factually based, as future history shall—if everything turns out all right—indeed record.

To reiterate: It cannot be overemphasized that the “quiet war” presently being fought by our country’s “white hats” alliance composed of loyal U.S. military and government officials is in no way partisan, but on the contrary, is a non-partisan moral battle for humanity’s very survival!

As admittedly crazy as it all initially sounds, it is essential that you not dismiss outright the information being disclosed within these pages simply because what you are reading is disturbing and causing your head to swivel. The thing is, these “dark side” globalists are actually counting on your very incomprehension as a defense mechanism preventing you from seeing through their nefarious plotting even should you be informed of such a devious ploy.

As none other than former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover recognized in 1956, “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. As Hoover further explained, “The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” And there you have itstraight from the shadow government dark horse's mouth! Consequently, the dark side's success at such high levels of deception over the decades has largely been based on similar well-honed tactics invoking disbelief and skepticism from the general public.

Take me at face value when I declare they are the undisputed masters of deception and misdirection—

“Look over here, not over there!”  

The level of deception we have been subjected to over the last several hundred years—and especially the last century—once exposed to the national and international general public shall leave us all in complete and absolute astonishment.  And likely also deep despondency. Indeed, as we will are all likely to soon discover, the world most certainly is not what we’ve been told and taught, far from it. The general public has been continually carpet bombed via “information warfare” for decades, and never to a higher degree than in recent history. In short, these Satanic globalists have literally been duping the general public for generations and generations!

Everyone will have to come to grips with having been so profoundly fooled—repeatedly and regularly—a sobering realization soon to become painfully evident once we learn from official disclosures of the reprehensible actions they have initiated and been responsible for while acting from within the shadows and behind the scenes. It’s no exaggeration to say that what these people have done in the past, are doing now, and hope to do in the future against humanity can only be described as pure evil. Once we learn the scope of their treasonous and inhumane acts against the general public, the level of double-crossing betrayal we collectively experience as Americans and world citizens shall be nothing short of staggering.

Just so everyone is clear:  We are presently under attack—from within—by the very people we have elected to serve, represent, and protect our nation and people! At the risk of being redundant, these traitors are indisputably duplicitous criminals. As such, they and their co-conspirators must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law through arrests, trials, and when found guilty, sentencing for their complicity, treachery and treasonous crimes against our nation, and for their unutterable crimes against humanity.

As is now evident, they are not only willing but eager to unleash weapons of mass destruction under their control upon the general public. Human life means nothing to these demonic anti-human Satanists. Moreover, these evil globalists who have ruled over society for hundreds of years in actuality hate humanity, dismissively describing humanity as “useless eaters”, “brainwashed sheep”, "the enemy", and worse. Much worse.

Be assured that I’m no alarmist, quite the opposite, actually. Be further assured that there is no need to be afraid. This spiritual battle of Good vs. Evil is a necessary step for the greater good to remove the dark forces and rogue artificial intelligence (AI) now in control and operating in the shadows. God willing, the outcome of this grand battle for control will result in our collective emancipation as a race, thereby restoring both our individual and collective human sovereignty planetwide.

Simply keep calm, buckle up, and with your own eyes and ears open apply high quality critical thinking analysis to what you’re hearing now and will be hearing in the coming months from controlled mass media, and so-called authorities and world leaders. Talk is cheap; action speaks louder than words. Pay careful attention to those on both sides of this war.

In plain English, it is essential that you train yourself to identify and differentiate loyal, pro-America patriots fighting for our nation’s very survival from insurrectionist anti-America traitors seeking its outright destruction. In practical terms, this distinction has never been easier to make as each side now reveals their true colors—expressly whether they are faithful or not to our Constitution, U.S. law, and to We the People—through their thoughts, words and deeds. Even now, as their double-dealing masks are being forcibly ripped off by the “white hats,” their treasonous agenda is being publicly exposed for all to see, despite their increasingly desperate attempts and—what will ultimately prove to be futile—fulminations commanding you to “ignore the man behind the curtain.”

Still more reason to pay close attention to what people do and not just to what they say. You must not allow your emotions to be hijacked and manipulated, especially in ways that are agitating, violent, and destructive, no matter how loud these globalist traitors bang their drums of hysteria and madness. Do not take the bait! It is vital that you keep a cool head in the coming days and not allow yourself to be so distracted.

And above all—stop ignoring “the man behind the curtain!” Today more than ever, none of us can afford the incalculable costs of denying reality as it reveals itself to really be, whether we like it or not.

While you’re at it, trust your gut. It turns out that our gut is directly connected to our brain. Even more amazing, the gut has recently been shown to actually contain brain cells, hence actual proof for why its long been called “the second brain.” The thing is, there is usually a very good reason why you sometimes feel put-off and or otherwise repulsed by someone, even when you can’t exactly put your finger on it. At times like that it is wise to listen to your intuition—aka gut—and take what is being said and done with a hefty dose of healthy skepticism.  

Do your own research to find out for yourself—and if you doubt me—feel free to try and prove me wrong. Just so we’re clear, I have absolutely zero interest in being “right,” for as I have already said, being right is one of life’s biggest booby prizes. Nor is my purpose to persuade anyone to believe me.

I am simply asking you to open your minds and come to your own conclusions.

My sole intention is to take a stand that helps humanity regain our God-given sovereignty—authority that has long been stolen from us—by opening people’s minds to this evil globalist agenda. Towards that end, it is my heartfelt hope to inspire and offer encouragement to anyone seeking to expand their awareness—to what’s really gone on in past world history, and to what’s really going on behind the scenes in our world right now—so that if you wish, you can join in the battle. And just so you know, there is nothing to join nor ever any dues to pay. Every human being is automatically enrolled at birth, and the dues of pain and suffering we have all been made to pay throughout our lifetime more than justifies our now uniting together in battle.

And make no mistake, it is a battle, some are even calling it a “stealth” World War III—to free ourselves from their enslaving self-serving agenda that they have long imposed upon us. No matter what you may think at present, it is very real and unfolding now in present time. As I have often lamented to my wife upon discovering new and disturbing revelations of the “dark side’s” heinous deeds, the demonical deviousness and monstrously malevolent conduct of this evil incarnate cabal knows no limits. Truth is genuinely stranger than fiction—as I mentioned earlier, you really can’t make this stuff up!

To be clear, while this article’s principle focus is on America—“ground zero” in the morally bankrupt globalists’ war against humanity—what I have to say here totally applies to and impacts everyone in every nation around the globe. Hence, in the name of world-wide liberty and justice, people the world over need to name and call out treason and evil in their own countries whenever and wherever it is found, and I regret to report, it is to be found virtually everywhere. I hope you will give me the benefit of the doubt when I state that most every major government is equally corrupted by and permeated with the rot of treason against its own people which must now be rooted out. Because of this, never more so in modern world history does humanity need to band together against evil as one:  United we stand, divided we fall!

And while the “white hats” alliance of loyal U.S. military high command and high-level government officials—with President Trump himself commanding the fight—has an extremely tough slog ahead, I remain confident that goodness shall ultimately prevail. For as noted by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., while “…the arc of the moral universe is long, it bends toward justice.” In short, right always wins, wrong always loses.

Take me at my word that never in a million years could I have foreseen myself taking a stand for President Trump’s presidency—frankly, it feels nothing short of surreal to now find myself in this position. And whether you think this is all nonsense—and that the writer is just another wordy crackpot—matters not to me personally. Truth is, as anyone who knows me well can attest, I’m not some paranoid old kook with an overactive imagination gone way off the deep end—at least not yet, far as I can tell, anyway—yet nevertheless as earlier emphasized within this article, don’t just take my word for it. Do your own homework.

I certainly do not encourage you to blindly accept everything I have written here, any more than I encourage you to outright dismiss everything I have written here without further consideration. In other words, you must exercise discernment aka critical thinking if you are to avoid falling into the trap of total acceptance or total rejection. And for what it is worth, with no personal offense intended, I am at a point in my life and career where I frankly couldn’t care less what anyone thinks about me or what I have to say. Think what you will.

My wife, friends, colleagues, clients, pets, and most of my family like me well enough and that’s all that matters to me. You could rightly call me a card carrying member of the “What other people think about me is none of my business” philosophy, a sterling mindset which has served me very well over the decades. Should you not already be a practitioner of this grounding and liberating mindset, I strongly encourage you to take it out for a long test drive to see for yourself.

Nevertheless, I do sincerely hope you will at least consider looking further into all I have had to say here for yourself before coming to any conclusions. As patriots, each of us must now make every to ferret out the truth of what is really going on for ourselves. It cannot be stressed enough that by diabolically malevolent misdirection and abuse of power on the part of the evil globalists and their double-agent minions, we truly are living in an inside-out, upside-down, all mixed-up world! Make it your habit to start “fact-checking” what you hear—from both sides of the American political spectrum. If you do a thorough job of it, chances are you’re going to be shell-shocked—and likely in ways you were never ever expecting—by what you discover.

At very minimum, for the sake of our great republic’s continuation, all I ask of everyone reading these words is to keep an open mind and apply critical thinking skills to what the lying “lamestream” mass media and corrupt “dark hat” turncoat governmental officials are telling you now and in the days ahead leading up to the election. Between now and then you can expect things to get even uglier—and at times, more dramatic—than they have been over the last four years of Trump's presidency as the death cult globalists struggle to sow as many seeds of chaos, confusion, fear and panic as possible amongst the general public, as people who are fearful are easier to control.

Bearing this in mind, fear not. Spoiler alert: According to all future timeline predictions from “looking glass” technology possessed by both sides, Trump indeed wins a second term. Then he and the white hat” U.S. loyalists, working together with allied “white hat” nations worldwide, prevail in the battle to decapitate and extinguish the evil hydra-headed globalists Cabal once and for all, ushering in a new golden era for America and for humanity worldwide. Moreover—while admittedly preposterous to ever imagine today—in the not-so-distant future even “Never Trumpers” are grateful to the president after waking up and coming to grips with the depths of lies, treachery, and psychological manipulation to which they and their fellow Americans have been subjected, daily since childhood, by corrupt educational, religious and political institutions, phony leaders and the fake news!

All the more reason between now and then that instead of thoughtlessly accepting what you are reading and being told in the “mind-control” mainstream media and by dishonest high-level government officials and authorities, you utilize critical thinking and ask yourself, “How do I actually know this to be true and not lies or trickery?” On further reflection, what better way to exercise your freshly polished up critical thinking skills than to do your own research and come to your own conclusions? Think about it. Better still, follow through by doing it.

For anyone finding the tips and techniques contained within this article helpful, you may want to save a copy in your files for future reference during difficult times. Should you genuinely resonate with what you have read, feel free to share links to this article with friends and family, as well as to repost it anywhere on or offline that you like. Even if you’re not quite sure just what to make of everything that has been covered here—and in all sincerity I can hardly blame anyone for having skepticism or disbelief at this point should all of this be new to you—it might just come in handy to read again down the road should things shake out similar to how I have described. Such as after a major rock-your-world-off-its-axis officially authorized disclosure of the caliber I have been describing that leaves you temporarily stunned, staggering, and speechless.

The truth shall make you free. Make the effort to seek the truth for yourself, for the life your newfound awareness helps liberate will not only be your own, but the lives of everyone else on the planet as well. The Creator has a plan and karma ripening has arrived.  I dare add it is the very reason we have all chosen to be here now incarnate each to do our part!

To that end, I urge you to stir yourself awake by listening to your conscience—the “still small voice within”—which will unfailingly guide you to take right action. Correspondingly, some are calling this adrenaline-charged period of time “the great awakening" because people around the world are now paying attention to what is going on within our governments, institutions and religious organizations as never before. The good news is that public opinion is, in fact, beginning to swiftly change.

With each passing day more and more people around the planet are “awaking” to the deception we have been and still are being subjected to by these evil entities and sworn enemies of humanity. It is important to note that not everyone involved in the following organizations are involved or guilty. On the contrary, it is vital to keep the following in mind.

Many of those working in these infiltrated governmental, business and religious entities are completely innocent, and are simply good people doing their jobs without understanding or having any idea whatsoever as to what is really going on in the upper level shadows of their company. As such, it cannot be overemphasized that even as the high-level “rotten ones” are exposed and arrested, we must remember that not everyone employed by or affiliated with them is automatically complicit and/or guilty by association.

In any event, expect an officially authorized governmental disclosure to reveal the tangled web apparatus of the Deep State’s biggest perpetrators of high treason, sedition, and insurrection against the United States, prominently comprising amongst them: Big Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Business, many of our phony, so-called political leaders, including past United States presidents, along with U.S. senators, congressmen, governors, big city mayors and federal judges—both present and former—Crown rulers, heads of state/European puppet-leaders, and numerous so-called experts and authorities worldwide. The list of co-conspirators will also include a despicable horde of sellouts composed of high-level American federal agency agents, elected and appointed high-level governmental officials, turncoat United States military high command, and many major corporate collaborators in the United States, all of whom have long been criminally colluding with China and the Deep State. I regret to further report that the list will also include many high-level "Deep Church" religious authority figures of different faiths and denominations, including the Vatican.

The nauseating information that we learn from the military tribunal transcripts of these high-level enemy combatant conspirators—regarding their mass perpetration of longstanding treason and monstrous deception—shall initiate a gut-wrenching collective “dark night of the soul” spiritual crisis for most everyone, spiritual or not. Therefore I now say to everyone, but especially to patriots and people of faith whose core beliefs in America and faith in God will be tested as never before by what is learned, now is the time to exercise unwavering courage by stubbornly refusing to reactively abandon your convictions.

In short, as previously noted, “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” Better you should lean heavily upon your trust in and allegiance to our country’s founding principles, and your faith and devotion to righteous moral principles. Take life-affirming succor from your sanctified beliefs and heartfelt convictions, though shaken to the very foundation they may well be for you at that moment.

In the likely event of extremely upsetting disclosures involving individuals you once admired, trusted, and possibly revered, I offer the following guidance:  Lash yourself tightly to the mainmast of your spiritual and moral core beliefs, and ride out the inner storm it unleashes without abandoning either your faith in goodness and your fellow man or your precious devotion to Godly ways.  

Should a time come when your faith in your country, fellow man, and Creator are being tested, it will greatly help to keep the following in mind:

No matter what unbelievable things may be revealed and/or occurring in the coming weeks and months ahead—here in America and throughout the entire world—or how dark events may seem to get during some of the most difficult moments to come, have courage, and never, ever forget:


“Right always wins, wrong always loses.”


Even as I keep attempting through this paper to prepare you for that which is unpreparable, we are all going to have to reach deep—very deep—within to calm, soothe and steady ourselves. For only then can we activate our “inner gyroscope”—whatever that may be for each of us, including our personal connection to God/Source/Nature—so as to right and prevent ourselves from being swept under by the tsunami of violent shock and heart-penetrating despondency sure to wash over everyone upon learning about all of the sickening, unimaginable nightmarish horrors far removed from the range of human decency that we shall be compelled to absorb. Keep reminding yourself that you will get through this time of tribulation whenever your determination starts to waver, and simply take it one day at a time. Holding onto this steadfast mindset with an unrelenting grip will be the best way to get through this difficult period.

Since we now know the globalists literally act from a position of them against us we must fight for our lives. And while they are extremely well entrenched—after centuries of stacking the deck in their favor—their most potent weapon, the stain of secrecy, is now in the process of being exposed for all to see it for themselves. So everyone is clear: Today we are presently engaged in mortal combat as never before for our aggregate personal sovereignty, self-determination—and literally, humanity’s collective emancipation—both in America and around the world.

Consequently, some “white hat” defenders have been saying we are living through times that are of Biblical or, at the very least, historical proportions. In any case, the time has come for us to take a united stand. Let us rise together with our might of mass consciousness as One—“We the People of the World”—to forever shuck off the globalists’ shackles of involuntarily servitude which have far too long kept humanity fettered to misery! And it all begins with each and every one of us applying vigilant discernment—aka critical thinking—to what we are being told by our subversive phony leaders, and to what we are being told by our seditious lying mass media. For only then can we be ready to call out the liars and their lies whenever and wherever they are found.


Everything is perception

To sum up this critical thinking exposé, as the esteemed Stoic philosopher and Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius observed nearly two thousand years ago, both happiness and unhappiness depend on perception, namely the way we see and interpret things as opposed to external factors. And since almost all of the opinions and judgments behind our perceptions are based on beliefs—which are essentially an agreement with or regurgitation of other people’s opinions and judgments based on their beliefs which, in turn, we then adopt as our own—it is vital to recognize that believing often precedes thought. For this reason, we are wise to consider that the viewpoints and values we hold may not always be a true reflection of who we really are or otherwise perceive ourselves to be, but rather, serve as a true reflection of the cumulative “belief indoctrinations” we have all been programmed with over our entire lifetime. Consequently, it becomes our ongoing life task to deprogram and reprogram ourselves accordingly.

Deprogramming and reprogramming ourselves requires of us to first identify, then question, our long held patterns of belief—about who we are, about who others are, about how the world works—that have come to shape our behavior, which in turn shape our reality. Think of it as creating a feedback loop: “Reality is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is what we believe. What we believe determines what we take to be true.” 

Or, to put it another way:  If reality is what we take to be true, and if what we take to be true is what we believe, and if what we believe is based upon our perceptions, then what we perceive depends on what we look for. And if what we look for depends on what we think, and if what we think depends on what we perceive, then ultimately what we perceive determines what we believe, and what we believe determines what we take to be true. So in the end—What we take to be true becomes our reality.

It is as straightforward—and uncomplicated—as that. In the final analysis, it is our consciousness that interprets and determines our perception and beliefs. And we do it all without ever realizing that we are caught up in our own personally designed “illusionary loop of certainty.”

Taking all of this into account then, it thus becomes clear that consciousness—via personal awareness and critical thinking or lack thereof—is what shapes perception, which in turn is what ultimately determines our reality and what we believe to be true. Possessing a sense of personal power in life coupled with discipline of thought—or its opposite, personal powerlessness and uncontrolled thought—influences our positive or negative perceptions of the world, and determines how we show up in it. Unfailingly, perception precedes reality and—in actual fact—is reality!

Essentially, our reality as we experience it is constructed by our brain. And yet, the brains awareness of reality is still not reality itself. While some might argue that reality may not even exist per se, it is safe to claim that reality is in actuality a vulnerable brain perception that may or may not be a reliable mental interpretation. Usually our choices are a result of what we have been programmed and conditioned to buy into. Which is what makes it imperative for each and every one of us to question what is presented as reality—is it truth and fact or lies and fiction, or as is more often than not the case, a combination of both?

In addition, we must each stay mentally vigilant:  Blind beliefs and baseless opinions are treacherous slayers of truth, rationality, facts, and even reality itself when we allow them to warp and twist our thinking, facts and perceptions. In short, while reality itself does not change, our perception of it does, regardless of whether it be accurate or not. In the end, what is important to understand is that our beliefs are nothing more than personally filtered interpretations of illusions we believe we perceive.

That being the case, it is vital to increase both our conscious awareness and ego strength if we are to best perceive reality and adapt ourselves accordingly to it. Individuals possessing high ego strength tend to face reality calmly, and are adaptive and mature in their thinking patterns, whereas persons suffering from low ego strength tend to be emotionally unstable with negative effect self-regulation. Therefore we must strive to maintain a solid grip on our awareness and mindset in order to boost our ego strength capacity for effective personal functioning so that—whenever needed—we successfully adapt.

Towards this right-thinking end, we would be wise to make it our habit to seek out perspectives that are different from our own that may lead us to think with greater care about our perceptions. It simply requires a willingness to let go of our certainty that the way we see the world is the way that it really is. To put it another way—only by letting go of our certainty that the way we see the world is the way it really is can we see the world the way it actually is. It’s as easy—and difficult—as that. After all, if not you, who? For as was accurately recognized by the legendary reggae prophet philosopher Bob Marley, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.”

Although simple, it can also be quite daunting, as it requires strength and courage to let go of long-held assumptions and deeply ingrained beliefs. And while there is a huge vulnerability in allowing a part of ourselves to be destroyed—and subsequently rebuilt differently—it is nevertheless unavoidable if we are to move forward with greater perceptive awareness, clarity and understanding to become independent thinkers.

For when all is said and done, it is through our perception that we create our reality, both individual and collective—and it matters not one iota whether that perception is in actuality based in fact or fabrication, truths or lies—spotlighting wherein “lies the rub.” Consequently, if we hope to ever win the beachhead of self-mastery, self-determination and personal sovereignty leading to a happy, sustained, and meaningful life, it requires a never-ending deprogramming of ourselves by rigorously exercising the indispensable twin virtues of critical thinking and positive expectation.

Try it for yourself—you’ll see.


With goodwill to all humankind, may peace and love prevail on earth,
Michael Ra Bouchard, Ph.D.


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