An Old-School Sexologist Speaks Out - Pedophilia is NOT a Sexual Orientation




Leave the children alone!



2-Part Series:

An Old-School Sexologist Speaks Out—"


Part I: 

Pedophilia is NOT a Sexual Orientation

Part II:

Connecting the Dots Between Pedophilia

and the Globalist Deep State Death Cult

By Dr. Michael Ra Bouchard, M.A., Ph.D.
Double Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist



Part I: Pedophilia is NOT a Sexual Orientation

Originally Published November 06, 2020

(2 minute quick-read)


An Old-School Sexologist Speaks Out—

Part I:  Pedophilia is NOT a Sexual Orientation


Dear Friends & Colleagues,

A deeply disturbing matter regarding adult-child sexual relations has lately come to my attention which I feel compelled to now address in no uncertain terms:

Despite a flurry of recent public claims by so-called “scholars” declaring pedophilia to be a “harmless, natural sexual orientation,” pedophilia is NEITHER “harmless” NOR “natural” NOR is it in any shape or form a sexual orientation.

Anyone claiming that pedophilia is a sexual orientation is a damn fool liar!

Make no mistake: Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder. And under the law, it is a crime—as well it should be.

These morally bankrupt, demonic shills brazenly attempting to “normalize pedophilia” would have you believe that pedophiles are “innocent victims” being morally and legally persecuted for their “natural” and “harmless” sexual feelings—when nothing could be further from the truth.

No one has the right to destroy a child’s life for their own despicable sexual gratification.

Unquestionably, children do NOT possess the cognitive capacity to give sexual consent—and sex without consent is always rape!

Pedophiles must rightly be held morally and legally accountable for their actions to protect innocent children from child predators who would use and abuse them for their own perverse sexual gratification.

Anyone having a problem with this approach needs to do some serious soul searching, and in conjunction, see a qualified mental health counselor to straighten their crooked thinking.


Leave the children alone!


For the record, kindly allow this old-school sexologist to spell it out:

Sexual attraction to children—which by any other name is pedophilia—is a morally reprehensible mind and soul sickness that is simply wrong on EVERY conceivable level.

And anyone who engages in pedophilia is a criminal. No exceptions. End of story.

If you agree, feel free to repost this article wherever you see fit.


Please join me in protecting our children by speaking out against this wickedness,

Dr. Michael Ra Bouchard, Clinical Sexologist


Copyright © 2020 Michael Ra Bouchard, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved.


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Part II: Connecting the Dots Between Pedophilia and the Globalist Deep State Death Cult

Originally Published September 25, 2022

Updated September 22, 2023

(50-60 minute long-read)


An Old-School Sexologist Speaks Out—

Part II:  Connecting the Dots Between Pedophilia

and the Globalist Deep State Death Cult"


Dear Friends & Colleagues,

A deeply disturbing matter concerning adult-child sexual relations has lately come to my attention which I am now compelled to refute in no uncertain terms.

Having on many hundreds of occasions myself come face-to-face with those personifying the evil that men and women doincluding heinous sexual brutality and unspeakable acts of cruel depravitymy conscience commands that I speak out to protect our innocent children. Frankly, I can scarcely believe that it was actually necessary for me to write the presumably self-evident rebuttal you are now about to read.

Have no doubt, being myself a highly educated, professionally trained, and well-seasoned Doctor of Clinical Sexology, I know full well what I’m talking about.

As a mental health professional for over 40 years, including 35 years of experience as a psychosexual therapist in private practice—and specifically as an accomplished sex offender treatment specialist for perpetrators of assorted sexual crimes, including pedophilia and child sex trafficking, and as a sexual abuse recovery counselor specializing in treating children and adults victimized as children by adults—I've seen firsthand the devastating aftermath of broken lives, human suffering, and subsequent lasting damage caused by perpetrators of sexual violence.

Hence, I raise strenuous objection to the deluge of morally repugnant propaganda and disinformation regarding pedophilia presently being openly and repeatedly promoted in an endless loop by pro-pedophile activists.

And for very good reason:  Relentless and extensive repetition—aka brainwashing—is an essential hallmark of repressive propaganda. It is psychological warfare, designed to force the acceptance and internalization of new words with newly created meanings upon the public, for the express purpose of indoctrinating the masses via thought control.

Accordingly, the primary intention of this essay is to expose, challenge and dispel all such deliberately false claims and disinformation being disseminated by a global confederacy of evil with the intent to mislead, confuse, deceive, publicly shame and openly bully the general public into accepting their malicious agenda.

But first, before getting started, a brief disclaimer—

The purpose of this essay is to share opinions and thoughts free of charge with curious people. Namely, through my points of view, commentary, and critical analysis.

The views and opinions expressed within this essay are entirely my own.

Come what may, the high-level treachery and skullduggery I am about to expose—in which pedophilia is a central, elemental piece of a planet-wide scale, diabolical jigsaw puzzle—is not for the faint of heart. Admittedly, the content of this article may at times seem far-fetched and incredibly hard to believe—for indeed, truth is stranger than fiction.

In spite of this, I respectfully ask that you give me the benefit of doubt. Rest assured I have strived to be trustworthy and balanced in presenting both the evidence and my viewpoint, and also to the best of my ability, to call out evil, separate fact from fiction, and discern truth from lie.

All told, I personally believe the enclosed content to be factually true and accurate, and hereby stake my reputation on it.

Be that as it may, you are encouraged to read this exposé—or, for that matter, everything else you look into—with an open mind while applying critical thinking to come to your own conclusions.

What's more, due to the depth, complexity, and multi-layered nature of the web of lies, deception, and treachery involvedspecifically concerning the myriad of sinister elements I shall be disclosing about the worldwide proliferation of pedophilia—the subject matter may occasionally appear unconnected and convoluted. Moreover, at times when what I expose is dark and depressing and not easy to hear, make every effort to hang in there.

When necessary, find your center, have courage and hold positive expectation for the future.

Whatever you do, just don't ignore it. Instead, I urge you to utilize these disturbing new pieces of the puzzle to help you figure out and better understand where things went wrongby fiendish design—and what is really happening in our world today

For as you are about to read, much of what you are vehemently being told is bogus "conspiracy theory" by the "official" controlled false narrative turns out to be—in reality—actual conspiracy fact.

Speaking of facts, did you know the term “Conspiracy Theory” was maliciously coined by the CIA in the late 1960’s to make those who were exposing the Truth look “crazy” and thus take away their credibility? You have to give them all due credit for how extremely well this deceptive, diabolical misdirection has since functioned.

Consequently, I recommend mentally steeling yourself for times when the villainous hidden conduct being unmasked lands like a kick to the head from an ornery mule, leaving both you and your present world view reeling in shock and incredulity.

Whenever that happens, all I can say is"Welcome to my world!"


Bear with me and breathe through any such disquieting moments.

Presuming this vast undertaking to expose the hidden and simplify the complicated is successful, by the conclusion of this essay all the winding paths and dark passages within this highly implausible yet nonetheless truthful maze of labyrinthine complexity shall converge in self-apparent clarity.

In the process, furthering both your understanding of and personal empowerment to meet and overcome the grave threats exposed. Likewise along the way, helping you to connect the long-hidden, malevolent "death cult dots" between:

Pedophilia, global child-sex trafficking, satan-worship, secret societies, totalitarian world domination, weapons of mass migration, gender ideology, digital tyranny, eugenics, human-machine hybrids, “climate change” and fake alien invasions—amongst a myriad of dirty, secret dastardly plots—to reveal what I allege is presently The Big Picture.

As in, the state of our world today according to me—a fittingly self-described, "modest man with much to be modest about."


Make no mistake about it: 

Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder.

And under the law, it is a crime—and rightly so—as it is child abuse.


The morally bankrupt, demonic psychopaths now crawling out from their dank, dark holes in shameless attempts to destigmatize and “normalize pedophilia” want you to believe their ideologically driven "Big Lies" that pedophiles are “innocent victims of their desires.As further stated in their own self-absorbed words, namely their “desires to express their natural and harmless sexual feelings for children.”

You know, along the lines of grown adults having sex with little kids. Such as the psychopathic child predator who just recently taunted authorities online by gleefully gloating, "I love tying girls up and doing unforgivable things to them."

If this isn't sheer evil then I don't know what is.

Making matters worse, presently these same sick-minded, fallen-soul degenerates comprised of numerous disreputable U.S. politicians, world leaders, and other globalist lackeys in key positions of influence have gone on public record in unflinching support of pedophilia.

Likewise, many institutions once deemed highly credible have long been compromised by special interests—namely those of their invisible Deep State master—which now pose grave risks to humanity through ever expanding mission overreach and stealth conflicts of interests completely at odds with their publicly stated reasons for existence.

Including, but far from limited to: The once laudable, yet today hopelessly corroded and irreparably disgraced, propaganda-spewing United Nations (UN)—and its equally corrupted, corrosive counterpart, the World Health Organization (WHO).

Both of which in recent years have outrageously been pushing to lower the legal age of sexual consent to 13 or less—even going so far as to publicly proclaim that "statutory rape is outdated." Or so they dare to say and would have you believe.

Equally disturbing, the World Health Organization's recently published "Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe" contains the following hyper-sexualized instructions—plus many other developmentally inappropriate guidelines—being forced upon kindergartners and elementary school students, and I quote:

"Children between the ages of 6 and 9 must learn about sexual intercourse, online pornography, having a secret love and self-stimulation. And children between the ages of 9 and 12 should have their first sexual experience and learn to use online pornography." Jaw-dropping stuff, isn't it?

Needless to say, I stridently beg to differ with these absurd, flat-out demonic, morally bankrupt propositions, along with everything else of a similar despicable stripe the WHO promotes in these mentally disturbed and depraved guidelines.

As if that were not enough, the UN is now going so far as to outlandishly claim that “Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent may be consensual in fact, if not law.”

Say what?

Not only are the UN and the WHO unequivocally out of compliance with and no longer fit for the mandates of which they exist, they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

And to top it all off, pro-pedophile Evilist "progressives" are now preposterously asserting that “Current age of consent laws may be infringing on human rights.”

Whose rights? Certainly not the children’s!

In similar twisted fashion, these selfsame ethically impoverished crybully progressives have the gall to whine with completely contemptible insistence that pedophiles—or “minor attracted persons” (MAPs) as they have shiftily rebranded themselves—are being morally targeted and legally persecuted undeservedly. They want you to think that pedophiles are quite normal, just misunderstood.

Are you freaking kidding me!?

Be not deceived—the psychopathic progressive activists crying crocodile tears while promoting vile, pro-pedophilia bald-faced lies and pathologically perverse agendas are morally degenerate tricksters who have entirely forsaken not only their professionalism but their humanity.

How else do you explain a recent publication—paid for with American taxpayer dollars—that was issued by the U.S. governments' National Institutes of Health (NIH), attempting to normalize pedophilia by urging that pedophiles be called "minor attracted persons" because “the primary label of pedophilia is tainted with stigma and shame”?

And indeed for very good reason I would add. Such acts should carry great stigma and shame, along with severe punishment. Our governments' policies and laws should be focusing on the protection of children, not pandering to the perverse desires of child rapists.


Bottom line: There should be no normalizing of pedophilia ever.


To say the least—

The federal government’s disgraceful endorsement and perverse promotion of a pro-pedophilia agenda is highly unconventional and absolutely unconscionable.

The glaring irony of this flagrantly inappropriate, brainsick propaganda mission seeking to gain public sympathy for pedophiles and social acceptance of pedophilia—as many of its proponents have had the audacity to publicly proclaimis that they seek, in their exact words, to “advocate for saner laws on intergenerational sexuality.”

Primarily, by promoting new legislation allowing adults to have sex with children without being criminally prosecuted for it.

I promise I'm not making any of this up. Needless to say


ONLY in an utterly deranged & demonically inverted society

could sick in the head legislation allowing grown adults to sexually violate children without consequence

be interpreted as "saner laws" showing reason, sound judgment and good sense!


To put it bluntly, these despotic Evilists are the sworn enemy of all free people!

This powerful, well entrenched and enormously large, worldwide Deep State organization of rogue associates, comprising roughly 5% of the world population, is also highly secretive. Making matters worse, its memberswith an allegiance numbering in the millions of self-described "satanic chosen ones”—are bonded together by a common need and desire to orchestrate and mete out havoc upon society for their own depraved means.

Including the unleashing of calamity by their globally positioned private army, well-armed and ready on stand-by to go anywhere in the world by land, sea and air to do their demonic master's bidding. Professional military troops numbering in the many hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, composed of highly-trained, well-equipped satanic super-soldiers.

Hundreds of thousands of which, composed of non-Western, fighting-aged young male mercenaries disguised as illegal migrants, have already infiltrated America through our inexcusably unsecured northern and southern borders. Particularly our wide open southern border, which is no longer a border—but a gateway for disease, criminals, drugs, terrorists, weapons, human trafficking and cash.

Warfare experts warn this "strategic engineered invasion and occupation" is a coordinated effort to destroy the United States politically, culturally, economically, and even geographically. Namely, by using “weaponized mass migration” supported by the UN and foreign adversaries to overwhelm and destabilize the U.S and ultimately break it apart.


The ongoing foreign invasion and occupation of America must be brought to an abrupt halt

No country is secure without being able to control its borders.


The solution is a straightforward one:

Our borders must be closed, sealed and patrolled 24/7. All illegal migrants must be turned away—without exception. Anyone who has illegally entered this country without proper authorization must be rounded up, immediately deported and forbidden from ever returningperiod.

The American federal government has systematically failed to protect our southern border from this endless migrant invasion to the detriment of our national security. The U.S. Constitution demands that the federal government undertake police action to protect states from invasion when an affected state so demands it. Accordingly, by definition, having not fulfilled this federal obligation puts the current federal administration in direct non-compliance of their Constitutional duty.

Members of Congress have repeatedly accused the present federal administration of, and I quote:  “Willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law” in regards to protecting our southern U.S. border. They further claim that the United States has been bankrolling its own invasion and occupation by funding the United Nations with billions of dollars—12.5 billion in 2021 alone—which, in turn, has been giving hundreds of millions of dollars in what the UN emergency manual calls "cash in envelopes" to millions of migrants who eventually cross the wide open U.S. border illegally.

The UN is using our own U.S. tax dollars against us!

Having completely betrayed its idealistic origins—not to mention American citizens—the time has now come for the UN to be permanently defunded.


Fellow Americans, take heed—

This UN supported, full-scale migrant invasion constitutes an active, wartime invasion and occupation of the United States of America.

The objectives of this “weapon of mass migration” are nothing less than to overrun and take down America!


Chiefly, by exterminating all Americans and replacing us with tens of millions of recently imported illegal migrants who have no ties tonor any interests whatsoever inour U.S. Constitution and commonly held ancient Abrahamic Christian moral values and principles, nor our traditional American culture and way of life.

Also drawn from the same page of the globalist "insurrection playbook," the identical replication of this stealth invasion strategy has been put into play by the Deep State abroad as well, flooding and occupying Europe and every other Western nation with many hundreds of thousands of non-Western, fighting-aged young male mercenaries also disguised as illegal migrants.

All for the same dark end of utilizing this covert military force to armed subjugate the national populations of each country when the time is right.

Wickedly, these mercenary illegal migrants are being incentivized by globalists' promises to reward them for their dirty work of helping to get rid of us with free healthcare, cash, jobs and homes seized from the very citizens they persecute on behalf of their Deep State overlords.


Long story short:

The globalists' "Great Replacement" plan is to replace sovereign Western nation citizens in every way possible—

Behold their sinister intentions now in action across the globe!


The Deep State's mode for breaching borders and penetration has been identical for each of the countries they have invaded: Upon making their stealth entry into the occupied nation, these soldiers—quite likely a great many of them UN and NATO troops infiltrating en masse under the guise of migrants—join "sleeper cells" then lay low.

For now, they are furtively biding their time awaiting "marching orders" to wage war against the U.S. citizenryin addition to waging war against the citizenry of all the occupied Western nations worldwide—as the unseen, unsuspected long arm of the Deep States' mercenary offensive strike force.

Specifically, in the form of covert ground troops readying to activate their plan of a very well thought out, highly coordinated, strategic surprise attack upon Americans, quite literally from within our own back yard here in the United States. Each of them newly well-armed from huge container caches of weapons and ammo stashed all over the U.S.—covertly provided by treacherous turncoats within our own Deep State infiltrated U.S. Government—for use against us.

In light of this treasonous skullduggery, it is now my duty to regrettably report:


The U.S. Government is completely compromised—

Far, far beyond what any of us could ever have imagined!


To put it concisely—

Our American governance has long been overseen by organized criminals. Thousands of our elected leaders are guilty of treason. And hundreds of thousands of government employees are guilty of not defending the Constitution, with many guilty of actively subverting the Constitution and America's national security.

For anyone doubting the validity of this claim, just ask yourself why else the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) would send a letter to every legal firearms dealer in America informing them that illegal aliens are NOT prohibited from legally purchasing firearms and ammo in the United States, as was recently iterated in early 2024.

Hello sleepyheadsWakey! Wakey!

This same strategy holds true for the globalists' plan to attack citizens from within every other Western nation they currently continue to infiltrate and occupy. 


In simple terms, as anyone with eyes can see:

America and Europe are now under siege

As are also Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand!


The ongoing foreign invasion of Western nations is an engineered crisis.

The globalists are importing highly-trained covert armies of military-aged males worldwide under the guise of a deliberate "migration crisis" to establish their "New World Order."

When the time is right, in all likelihood this formidable army of stealth combatants will be backed with armed support provided by the globalist proxy army UN "Blue-Helmet" military personnel who obey only the globalists.

In all probability, by means of the UN launching its own deceptive, highly coordinated blitz invasion designed to regulate—read that as centrally dictateevery dimension of our personal and national lives, primarily by removing national sovereignty across the world in order to establish their global governance.

Beginning with the destruction of sovereign nations, and the subsequent absorption of the U.S. and all other Western nations—including the total transfer of power of our U.S. armed forces—by and to the United Nations World Government.

Just such a scenario could occur when UN and NATO armed troops land on the sovereign soil of America and of each Western nation, under the pretext of providing aid or "peacekeeping assistance" for dealing with a globalists' engineered "false flag" crisis of some sort or another then occurring in that particular country.

The very thought of which I don't mind telling you—as a proud, prior service United States Marine—leaves me deeply troubled.

Nonetheless, suffice it to say—as these ill-advised insurgents will quickly find out should they foolishly carry out these planned attacks against us from within our beloved nation—they have mortally underestimated the stalwart resolve of the many millions strong, well-armed militia of true American Patriots who dearly love America!

For as advised by Founding Father Thomas Paine, "The duty of a true Patriot is to protect his country from its government."

For anyone so inclined, let us pray it never happens; even as we nonetheless make prudent preparations now—in a manner both mental and materiel—to defend ourselves and protect our beloved country should it so be required of us to renew the battle which our nation's founders began. And by so doing, as timelessly articulated by Abraham Lincoln, assure that "truth, justice, and mercy, and all the humane and Christian virtues might not be extinguished from the land."


Rest assured:  An armed and resolute citizenry can never be subjugated.

So buckle up, everybody—and Godspeed to all liberty loving, patriotic citizens of every nationality all the world over!


Plainly put, this age-old cabal of black-hearted psychopaths have successfully concentrated all reins of social power into their own bloodstained hands. From ancient times to present, humanity has been under attack by these agents of chaos and degradation.

Taking all this on board—

What you need to understand is this world does not run on good but on pure evil.

These ultra-wealthy, war-mongering, totalitarian wannabes who rape kids

and control global networks of child sex trafficking

definitely do not have our best interests in mind!


Even now, incredulous as it sounds, many national governments around the world—including the government of the United States—are going through a global coup d’état staged by this same satanic death cult of pedophile, pedovore, financially criminal "elites" to accomplish their many decades long planned mission of establishing a planetary-wide, totalitarian socialist state dictatorship.


Frightening, isn't it?

And mind-boggling. Yet all true—

These are perilous times for We the People of the United States of America and for humanity all the world over!


On the local level, this same grassroots pedo-satanic death cult has long been secretly seeding our communities with individuals and groups who serve their evil ideals. Under the guise of "liberalism" and "progressivism," these militant Marxists have been imposing socialist programs upon Americans for many decades without us ever realizing what is happening.

Deceptively from within their positions of power and influence, they have been forcing socialist ideals upon us over time in small increments—as in "death by a thousand cuts"—so that we wouldn't notice anything is amiss until it's too late for us to do anything about it. 

Although, God forbid, that ain't gonna happen.

These traitors to “We the People” are composed of countless individuals and organizationsworking together for selfish interest to enrich their lives at the expense of other people's livesthrough well organized local and national political activism, legislative advocacy, and community-level efforts to enact their foul "Take Down America" agenda. They are a shrewd and sophisticated cancer that has been stealthily preying on humanity for ages..

A good number of whom, with God's grace, will soon find themselves charged with high treason, heinous crimes against humanity, and heinous crimes against children, all in accordance with the law. 


Trust me when I say there are MONSTROUS things worse than you can imagine happening in this world being done by pedophile Evilists that you don't even want to know about—the revealing of which will soon shock and sicken humanity planetwide and make you vomit.

For now, it is enough to say kids are their drugs.


There is no statute of limitation for treason or crimes against humanity, and "Nemo est supra leges"—no one is above the law—even if they think they are. There will be hell to pay; I wouldn't want to be them.

Case in point:  For umpteen generations this extremely proficient predator class has been and still is today presently hard at work heavily compromising their key positions and our sacred trust by furtively betraying We the People in every way possible—primarily from within. Mainly, by chipping away at and undermining the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, so as to help orchestrate the complete impoverishment and enslavement of all the American people.

Specifically, by means of infiltrating and hijacking America's highest professional ranks of—though far from limited to—politics, the judiciary, law, the sciences, medicine, big pharma, psychiatry, psychology, sexology, public health, social services, occupational regulatory and licensing agencies/boards, trade unions/professional associations, national and international banking, billionaire moguls, corporate business, Silicon Valley, the non-profit sector, Madison Avenue, legacy media, Hollywood, Broadway, the music and entertainment industry, professional sports, social media platforms/popular cultural influencers, eminent museums, academia, the educational system, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, the armed forces, religion, and many other major American and foreign global institutions and enterprises, notably including a sizable host of both American and foreign based transnational non-governmental organizations.

In short, tyrannical globalists have infiltrated numerous apex professions, elected and unelected positions and powerful organizations within our American and global society, and are using their power to lie, censor, omit, deceive, manipulate, and brainwash the public.

When in comes to being thorough, one has to hand it to these parasitic Deep State double-crossers—their devious infestation within every stratum of our global society has been incredibly successful!

Likewise from within, this same unrighteous "woke movement” inverted ideology has long been metastasizing and scandalously compromising social welfare, family services and child protection agencies worldwide. All of which purport to provide aid and comfort protecting children and families.

And yet, in recent years, all of which have been methodically weaponizing the "family justice" judiciary—and systematically engaging in organizational overreach—by implementing highly questionable policies and procedures undermining parental rights and damaging the welfare of children and families.

Probably most treacherous of all these insidious incursions is that over many, many decades a stunning number of this same dishonorable ilk of traitors to our Republic have covertly embedded themselves within all branches of the U.S. Government—as well as within all ostensibly democratic Western State governments worldwide—on every level: local, state, federal and transnational.

This cabal of duplicitous politicians think and act like they are the boss of us. While hollowly professing to represent us, this cohort of cunning liars contemptuously thumb their collective noses at the doctrine that the only reason government exists is to do the will of “We the People” taxpaying Electorates.

These renegade civil servants forget they work for and answer to us—their masters—and not the other way around. Consequently, it is high time we remind these miscreants they govern at the will of We the People.

By contrast, this clique of corrupt, self-serving government turncoats have defied, misled and sold out “We the People” by deliberately working against us from within to undermine our national might and sovereignty for their own villainous benefits. Their subversive actions have gravely threatened the security of the United States.

To put it bluntly, these double-agent, pretended "public servant" politicians and judicial appointees don't care one whit about us or our nation. More like just the opposite—they actually loathe We the People and our Constitutional Republic.

Worse yet, they secretly serve a radically different, Marxist-Luciferian globalist deep state death cult agenda, and pledge their allegiance to it rather than to our precious Republic.

Based upon their flagrantly contemptuous conduct in recent years, the three branches of the U.S. Government—the executive, the legislative and the judicial—have plainly revealed themselves as vastly infiltrated by the enemy and completely compromised!

Consequently, not only have they violated their oaths of office and duties of good faith and trust in serving We the People, they are no longer bothering to hide it. Based upon their readily transparent pattern of behavior working against the best interests of our country, it's plain as day they have betrayed us.

Namely, by violating their oaths of office and moral obligations "to protect and defend" our cherished U.S. Constitution, as well as their fellow countrymen, and therefore should be prosecuted in accordance with the law for their crimes.


Ours is no longer a representative governmentit's a national crime syndicate!


What's more, outrageous as the following damning accusation may initially appear, it grievously wounds me to report—

The deeply rotted government of the United States is now,

and for many, many decades has been,

at war against its own people!


Then again, to anyone paying attention these last few years, perhaps it doesn't seem so outrageous after all. Something is very wrong, and practically everybody can sense it. Especially with the blatant weaponization of censorship being imposed by our government against the American people—counting this author on multiple occasions and platforms, including Twitter and LinkedIn—over the last several years.

Specifically, by our present activist government's now proven covert colluding with major social media platforms to illegally censor factual evidence and information about anything and everything not in alignment with the "New World Order's" hostile government globalists sponsored agenda takeover plans, despite the fact that any such suppression directly infringes upon—read that as violatesour Constitutionally protected First Amendment right to exercise free speech.

Mind you, this is no mere conjecture but fact: In 2023 the present federal administration's efforts to censor Americans online was ruled by a district court judge to be "the most massive attack against free speech in the United States' history."

This censorship is all part of a covert war to control our thinking by maintaining a globalists' "media monopoly." NATO publications refer to it as "Fifth Generation Warfare," targeting both your conscious and unconscious mind with propaganda.

The objective of this "modern information warfare" is to do so without the receiver being aware of what is being done to them—e.g., influencing/manipulating their thinking, feelings, and perceptions—through strategic and intentional mis/dis/mal-information manipulation and control.


This modern war is for information and thought

in what some are now calling "Cognitive Warfare."

Simply put, the new battlefield is inside your head.


Let me spell it out for you: The globalist cabal of corrupt Big Tech, social media and mainstream media companies are working in unlawful collusion to push the same sick, globalist controlled false narratives built on lies—largely by censoring information, alternative opinions and opposing viewsthat they are hoping We the People are stupid enough to believe.

To date, no one has stopped these "modern-day public square" platforms from regulating expression and abusing free speech rights by suppression aka "content moderation"—which in reality is nothing more than a euphemism for censorship on an industrial scale. Nor, from booting off their platform any poster daring to question "progressive dogma"—aka "not toeing the woke controlled false narrative party line"—by posting differing viewpoints on controversial subjects.

Never mind the principal function of free speech is to invite dispute!

In short, no criticism of the official and fanatical false narrative is allowed by these digital gatekeepers, no matter how factually based. Those who dare to publish "forbidden" content are punished severely for it—read that as "cancelled" in woke-speak—via censorship, shadow-banning and/or outright banishment.


In the globalists' ideal, brave new totalitartian world,

there would be a full shutdown of the internet and the criminalization of speech.


Needless to say, the foolhardy audacity of these digital authoritarians who seek to impose their will upon the rest of us is eclipsed only by their outright contemptible arrogance! Free speech is meaningless unless everyone is free to say what they think—barring the committing of violent crimes.

Anything else is censorship.

This attack on our right of free speech and expression is clearly "repugnant to the Constitution" per the landmark 1803 U.S. Supreme Court case judicial review, Marbury v. Madison. As stated in that unanimous decision opinion, "All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void."

In plain-speak, any state-sponsored censorship is unconstitutional and thus invalid. Ominously, our free speech rights have never been more fragile.

Indeed, globalist agents and agencies have in recent years gone so far as to publicly label free speech as a "weapon of war," no doubt because they correctly perceive freedom of speech as a major threat to their unified, centralized, tyrannical "New World Order" governance—for above all else, tyrants fear a free press.

This "Censorship Industrial Complex" involves extensive collusion between government officials, military top command, and Big Tech CEO's. Their coordinated attack on our First Amendment right to exercise free speech seeks to undermine and denigrate free speech through supposed—yet transparently disingenuous—attempts to stop whatever content they choose to classify as so-called "MDM" aka mis-information/dis-information/mal-information, hate speech, offensive, obscene or anything else these authoritarians deem unacceptable.

Namely, by their imposition of unlawful censorship deliberately designed to prevent populist opposition and challenges from those objecting to their radical and unwanted political, military, and social globalist policies and agendas. Particularly, anti-nationalistic plans and proposals being disdainfully thrust upon Americans despite feverish objection to them by an ever expanding preponderance of We the People.

In the final analysis:  Restrictions on free speech are completely out of line with the First Amendment.

Therefore, any public entity taking action against speech thatin their judgmentcrosses some undefined, unstated boundary of “disrespect,” “appropriateness,” or any other fuzzy, self-determined boundary via censorship/penalty violates our First Amendment right to exercise free expression of controversial topics without fear of being arrested, censored, attacked, or otherwise shut up or shut down.

At least, that is the way the system is supposed to work, according to Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the American Founders. Consequently, We the People must not allow this blatant violation of our Constitutional right of free expression to escape unchallenged!

At stake is nothing less than the right of individual Americans to freely express themselves online, a right protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. No doubt were America's founding generation alive today, they would unhesitantly voice their vehement disapproval of this suppressive thought control and demand its immediate cessation.


Let the following really sink in: The country you grew up in no longer exists.


Americans no longer have a functioning representative government, honest elections, an unbiased free press, or a fair criminal justice system.

The reality is that our nation is fast becoming unrecognizable, by intentional design, thanks to these traitorous government officials and their deliberately destructive policies.


Our Founding Fathers would be stacking traitors like firewood by now!


As if that were not enough treachery, yet again from within a broad variety of settings and integrity compromised institutions governing our lives, these same maniac subversives are even now furiously campaigning to normalize pedophilia. What fresh hell is this? Predictably and clearly self-evident, it is the spawn of the most debased mentality.

Have no doubt that those of rotten heart lurking from within the twisted and sinister world of child predators know full well pedophilia is and shall always be pure evil. Hence their present, frenzied yet well organized behind-the-scenes tampering to reclassify pedophilia in the DSM—(the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders used by psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers and other mental health professionals) so that pedophilia is no longer classified as a mental disorder.

Which thereby opens the door for it to be legislatively decriminalizedbefore they themselves are exposed and held criminally accountable for the perpetration of detestable sexual misdeeds against children.


Permit me to connect the dots for you:

In an increasingly desperate effort to avoid their own arrests, these satanic, criminal "elite" pedophile globalists—through their equally desperate, bought and paid for Deep State pedophile lackeys in positions of legislative power and influence—are bound and determined to legalize pedophilia at warp speed for fear their own sex-offending crimes will soon be prosecuted.


Consequently, to help pave the way for the lawful de-penalization of pedophilia, chances are good lawmakers will start with the tactic of decriminalizing/legalizing bestiality, as was in fact recently passed this year by the unabashedly pro-bestiality Spanish Parliament. According to Spain's new, so-called Animal Welfare Law:  "Bestiality will no longer be considered a criminal offense if there are no injuries to the animal that require veterinary treatment."

This inhumane law—which in plain speak fully decriminalizes the sexual assault of an animal—is just out-and-out wrong, and so messed up I don’t even know where to begin my protest. Suffice it to start by pointing out the obvious, which is no right-minded person can possibly be in support of this morally offensive new law. What more do I have to say? Other than bring to light that this misguided legislation could not have been passed without lawmakers turning a blind eye to the reality that interspecies sexual exploitation/abuse is categorically vile and reprehensible to anyone in possession of moral integrity and decency of character.

You really can’t make this stuff up!

All the same, I would be very surprised if there were not at least a few skeptical readers whom, quite understandably mind you, initially find some if not all of the double-dealing treachery spelled out above coming off as eyebrow raising paranoia at best, and as flat-out batshit crazy at worst.


And yet, as I have grown accustomed to saying these days

Crazy is often being aware of the truth before most people.


Granted, it's a lot to wrap your head around. In any case, neither take my word for it nor dismiss me outright as an utter nutter. Rather, check it out for yourself.

The best way to connect the dots for yourself is by keeping an open mind and becoming well informedmainly by paying careful attention and doing your homeworkall while vigorously honing and exercising your discernment skills.

You exercise discernment by learning to distinguish truth from untruth, right from wrong, and identify deception. Assessing information by employing critical thinking and exercising good judgment, along with developing your ability to sense good from evil, can help you to make up your own mind about what is true so you can determine for yourself what you believe.

In other words—if at this point you aren’t already doing so, you need to think for yourself.

Frankly, as good and decent citizens, we have nonetheless to our detriment grown lazy and far too complacent in matters of our governance, to the point that nobody is thinking anymore.

Accordingly— you need to remain vigilant and pay attention to the details.

Primarily, by using your own common sense to look deeper into what’s really happening before blindly believing anything and/or rolling over and complying with orders or narratives being put forth by governmental and/or other institutional officials.

Namely, these very same corrupt, self-serving officials and so-called leaders and representatives whom in recent years have revealed themselves to be actively working against the best interests of We the People.

In the meantime, take me at face value that the manufactured problems and consequent dangers now being presented by this evil, malevolent "woke industrial complex" to humanity and freedom all the world overunder the patently false promises guise of "liberation" from oppression and "social transformation"are indeed all too real and imminent.

One of the globalists' strong suits is its irresponsible use of language for purposes leading to the deliberate destruction of the social, moral, and political structure in our society, our culture, and our nation. In this age of deception and strong delusion, these Deep State tricksters excel in the mis-use of language to deceive and mislead.


Power in modern society resides in language.


The globalists have come to understand how to use language to wield great power. In a nutshell, the intentional mis-use of language can be effectively employedthrough the use of Orwellian "double-speak" as a language and meansfor surreptitiously acquiring greater power, control, and manipulation of the public.

Double-speak has been described as "language designed to evade responsibility, make the unpleasant appear pleasant, the unattractive appear attractive; basically it is language that pretends to communicate but really doesn't. It is language designed to mislead while pretending not to." It is language used intentionally by people who are very intelligent and very sophisticated in the use of language for deception.

In short, to suit their objectives, Marxists activists utilize fictional double-speak persuasion tactics as a means of weaponing language to alter people's perception of reality. Unsurprisingly, those perpetrating this highly effective form of thought control view "free thought" as a hostile force that must be extinguished.


Language is one of the most important and powerful weapons in the hands of authoritarians to transform human beings.


Authoritarian language experts have noted that the aim of creating a new language is twofold:  namely, to promote the philosophy and thoughts which are permitted by the controlling party, and secondly, to be used as an oppressive bludgeon by that same controlling party to repress free thinking.

Obviously, the use of double-speak in public discourse does not help us to develop, preserve and advance our society, our culture, or our nation. Consequently, we must fight to reassert the primacy of responsible public discourse and conduct by unhesitantly calling it out and insisting that public language—which is the language of public discoursebe as clear, complete, and direct as possible.

For in actuality, when double-speak is not called to account, it breeds cynicism, distrust, and eventually hostility, the very qualities that undermine and in the course of time destroy democracy. All the more reason for stubbornly refusing to let them fool you with their ideologically driven "Big Lies" and vast repertoire of double-speak slogans.

In plain-speak, the "mind virus” of so-called woke progressivism now plaguing our country is, in reality, severe, uncompromising, vengeful and destructive social warfare!


For this is in fact a real war against humanity—

A war being waged against the world and against our children without precedent.


Unite with me now in taking a principled stand to protect our children and defend parental rights by calling out this deviltry. In actual practice, the "woke agenda" seeks to redefine sexuality and what it means to be a family—


And our children are their prime target.


The woke agenda's stealth goal is to dissolve the normal family unit and the relationship with children and their parents.

Beginning with their education:


Schools are dangerous places for children!

In particular, owing to the insidious, never ending sexualization and gender indoctrination of their minds in classrooms by covert Marxists “woke indoctrinated teachers.” It is beyond outrageous that our children are being socially engineered by these misguiding fools to believe the scientific falsehood that gender is a choice when in biological fact gender is inborn and immutable.

However, good luck getting anyone "woke" to acknowledge this scientific fact. In the official "woke controlled false narrative", the entire biology of sexuality field has been tossed out the window and replaced by imaginary gender constructs!

For the record:  Genitals, "sexual/gender identity" and pronouns, or for that matter any other social constructs, don't determine sex—DNA alone does, beginning with the establishment of genetic gender differentiation at conception. This is when the normal biological process by which the embryo and fetus becomes either male or female occurs. Period. End of story.

Continuing on now, gender grooming “I know best” trained militant Marxist, woke activists masquerading as teachers would have you believe that the government and schools have a better, more compelling interest in our children than do parents.

If they had their way, these narcissists would change the laws to allow the government and schools to replace the role of parents in their children's lives!

In point of fact, these arrogant numskulls smugly think that government and school teachers know better than parents. The whole idea would be laughable if the radicalized, mentally and emotionally unstable teachers in question weren’t actually hell-bent on confusing the minds and warping the morality of our highly suggestible youth by filling their heads with poisonous gender dogma nonsense.


So there is no misunderstanding:

Harm is coming from the medical and mental health establishments, state, and schools who are embracing and imposing these dangerous, extremist "conversion therapy" doctrines upon impressionable children!


For the record, it is this old-school sexologist's decided opinion that so-called "gender affirmation therapy" is in no way, shape or form therapy or therapeutic.

On the contrary, it is malicious, arm-twisting social authoritarianism propaganda for satanically inverted, Marxist-Luciferian false ideology "scientific socialism."

Based upon lies and disinformation, this pretended "treatment" is driven by fraudulent scientists and unprincipled medical professionals—working in collusion with delusional psychologists and sexologists, together with a witting and unwitting, multi-disciplinary "woke mob of virtue-signaling, socialist scientist foot soliders"—all of them thoroughly brainwashed into supporting the counterfeit gender ideology viewpoint.

Including a great many within the above-mentioned professions—though certainly not all—of whom are bought and paid for by their globalist Deep State death cult puppetmasters.

Moreover, as it is wholly based upon fundamentally flawed and bogus "cult of gender junk science," in reality any and all "gender affirmation care" is nothing more than a pretense for arming Marxist "social change agents" to "groom" children into accepting the preposterous idea they were somehow born in "the wrong body."

An idea which is—and in a sane world would be plainly self-evident as such—categorically absurd and completely unconscionable.

While I'm at it, now is as good a time as any for me to completely debunk the idea of "treating" so-called gender dysphoria with hormones or surgery, which many reputable doctors and scientists, myself included, consider akin to performing lobotomies on the mentally ill decades ago.

The $1.5 billion "hormone therapy" and "sex reassignment surgery" industry is targeting the children of America! Primarily, through social media, teachers and counselors introducing young people to gender ideology and talking about "how amazing it is to transition."

Never mind the pesky fact that so-called "sexual transformation" is a biological impossibility!

For anyone wishing to learn more about this travesty of gender-cult ideology/socially engineered mass psychosis tyranny masquerading as medicine that continues putting countless vulnerable kids at risk, I suggest reading my in-depth Linked In exposé article (also located here on this site within "Dr. M's Free Archive").

It's entitled, "A No-Nonsense Sexologist Unapologetically Tells It Like It Is— Three Genders Only & Woke is Wack!" and unequivocally calls out the promotion of the dangerous gender-cult ideology lie for what it is:  Pure evil!

As by now I hope is becoming apparent, the real objective of this woke craziness and hypocrisy is the deliberate disruption and destruction of America—our great meritocratic Republic that cherishes individual liberty and the rule of law—in order to overthrow the American way of life. Likewise for Canada and every other modern-day “Western World” nation whose culture is built upon ancient Abrahamic Christian moral values and principles dating back to cultural antiquity.

Collectively, this sinister, hidden-behind-the-curtain group of globalist, criminal "elites" are out to destroy Christianity and usher in a satanic "New World Order" overseen by and under the authority of their "New Church." One that in reality will be the synagogue of satan. From which they will thereby create a society, to quote from a secret vision statement written over a century ago by one of their most celebrated and farsighted grand master visionaries, "...where the multitude will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view."

Crazy, right? And yet it gets even crazier as we are living in truly insane times.


It grieves me to report that what we are presently witnessing

is nothing short of the controlled demolition of America!


Our traditional culture is now under attack from within and without by this ever encroaching Marxist "woke-ism" culture with its emphasis upon collectivism rather than the rugged individualism that built our country.

Specifically, by means of the radical erasure of our American heritage, age-old moral traditions, social norms and family values that have been developed over thousands of years. It is a war on religion, and specifically, against Christianity.

In essence, what we are now living through is nothing less than an all-out Marxist-Luciferian death cult attempt to bring about the utter ruin of Western civilization!

The destruction of Western civilization is required to transition into a totalitarian "New World Order." As written in his 1915 book, "The Spirit of Militarism, top level international Zionist Nahum Goldmann proclaimed, "This conversion and reorganization requires two major steps: firstly, the destruction of the old, established order, secondly, design and imposition of the new order."

Simply put, the first step of the globalists' plan is now in play and well underway. Namely, to destroy Western civilization with deliberate "cultural genocide." By means of intentionally causing the presently ongoing, well-orchestrated mass invasion and occupation of Western European nations by overwhelming numbers of male, military-aged Middle-Eastern and African so-called "refugees seeking asylum." 


The globalists’ endgame is to use mass migration as a weapon

to destroy and replace our national identities.  


Plainly stated, the purpose of the ongoing illegal mass migration is not to strengthen and improve our society, but rather to overrun and destroy it.

Think I exaggerate?

There are presently very calculated moves taking place behind the scenes to undermine American voters, namely by introducing legislation giving voting rights to illegal migrants.

Even now, an alliance for “non-citizen voting rights” is feverishly working to allow new, undocumented immigrants to the United States to vote without becoming American citizens.

Outrageously, they are campaigning to decouple the legal standing to vote from American citizenship.

This not-so-subtle self-serving strategy is a brazen attempt to benefit the Democrat Party. Not only have our federal and Democrat-administered state governments allowed these illegal migrants unfettered access into our country, they have welcomed them with open arms. Specifically, by supplying free lodging, transportation, medical care, food, prepaid cash cards and moreeven changing their laws to give illegals government jobs and expedited paths to American citizenship!

One need not be a rocket scientist to connect the dots behind their eye-popping largess:  By "progressive" government officials fostering illegal migrants dependency upon continued federal and state assistance, the American Marxist Democratic Socialist Party is virtually assured of their steadfast allegiance should illegal migrants indeed become eligible to voteincluding in the pivotal, upcoming 2024 election.

In summary, it is all about power and control.

The ongoing illegal migration being facilitated by those within our federal and state governments seeking to impose their Marxist-Luciferian globalist deep state death cult agenda upon us is intended to fundamentally transform our American society and culture—and not for the better.

Be assured I have absolutely nothing against non-Western peoples, cultures, religions or legal immigrants who seek to assimilate and adhere to our American moral values and principles—just as did umpteen millions of immigrants before them, including my family's French ancestors in the late 19th century.  

For the record, I am not in any way whatsoever a "hater," racist, nativist, xenophobe, Islamophobe, homophobe, transphobe, sexist, classist, ableist, redneck or for that matter any other kind of phobe or bigot.

What I am is a concerned American Patriot—privileged to have been born herewho loves my country and cherishes its rich Western moral and cultural traditions, striving to defend and protect them all before they are made extinct.

Simply put, diversity without shared values is chaos, and the idea of open borders is cultural suicide.

The crux of the matter is that illegal migrants totally lacking a desire to assimilate and live by American moral values and principles undermine our strength and national unity. End of story.

Allow me to elaborate on my well-founded mistrust of their ulterior motives: While operating under the guise of rendering humanitarian aid and furthering world peace, in actuality they are committed to enslaving the whole world through the establishment of their long-awaited, eagerly anticipated "new era of dominion" globalists’ de facto world government.

Namely, via incrementally foisting itself upon the people of every nation, by way of employing the proverbial "camel's nose under the tent" strategy. As the time-tested Middle Eastern proverb cautions, "If a camel is allowed to get its nose inside of a tent, it will be impossible to prevent the rest of it from entering."

Today's modern authoritarianism seeks to succeed by utilizing similarly refined and nuanced, subtle and calibrated strategies to avoid popular resistance and pushback from those in opposition.

Specifically, through deeply infiltrated and colluding governmental and non-governmental globalist saboteurs flouting the rule of law while maintaining a veneer of lawful conduct and plausible deniability of their deception and betrayal. For instance, by them making a seemingly innocuous proposal—such as giving up your nation's health sovereignty for "the public welfare"—which could very well lead to much wider, undesirable consequences later on.

Case in point:  Presently, the World Health Organization is in the midst of a feverish sales campaign to take away the public health sovereignty of every nation on the planet—particularly the public health sovereignty of the United States—"for humanity's greater good.”

Quick, hide the silverware!

As a rule of thumb, whenever globalist functionaries claim they want to "protect" us, what they usually intend is grabbing power for themselves. Lamentably, they really are out to get us—as again menacingly stated in their own words, "by whatever means necessary."

For example, such as was just demonstrated in the recent pandemic:  By carefully plotted design, these pathological liars deliberately exploited the pandemic as a covert tool to exercise and expand their political and authoritative influence around the globe, purportedly to "eliminate the virus"—which I regret to report—is actually code for eliminating humanity.

In actuality:


The globalists' war on humanity was disguised as the war on the Coronavirus

as a strategic operation for the greater control and takeover of humanity,

with the aim of doing away with political rights and making people afraid!


In light of the recent tipping of their deceptive, power-grubbing hand, it is clear the globalists' intention is to declare and use future pandemics as a pretext to introduce their "one world economy" totalitarian reset of our economies, our politics, and our societies.


With their endgame being to enslave humanity

by completely eliminating all human rights and eradicating our independence.


While perhaps this may initially sound preposterous, you must remember that these psychopaths are the very definition of a god-complex personality. 

Consequently, they leave We the People All the World Over no choice but to unite in firm resistance to their stealth power grab and utterly crush it. Humanityby means of vigorously employing the exact same hard-nosed, “by whatever means necessary" globalists' tactic—must resolutely resist and NEVER EVER under ANY circumstances whatsoever comply with this despicable anti-human agenda!

The ultimate goal of the globalists is to transform free, democratic societies into enslaved, totalitarian socialist societies by the reduction of national rights. Hence, finally creating their consummate dystopian "prison planet" for humanity. Their intent is to accomplish this takeover through the establishment of their so-called "New World Order" police state, where you and I will be ruled over by unelected officials within a nondemocratic UN administrative bureaucracy—like hell we will!


Ironic, isn't it? 

These megalomaniacal, would-be tyrants seek to seize our freedom and imprison us—while it is they who should all be in prison for plotting to take over the world and lord over their fellow man.


They want total power and control over everything you do and are no longer bothering to hide it! Unprecedented power and control, from which to enslave, manage and exploit humanity all around the globe through an all-powerful, centralized "One Worldism" base of operations.

Equally troubling is that their long term, venomous master plan schemes to achieve world domination by abolishing freedom and democracy in democratic countries all the world over.

Primarily, through the non-overridable, worldwide imposition of their authoritarian, global surveillance states'  lockstep global policies, catastrophic depopulation and permanent, planet-wide lockdown plans.

Yet first, for this diabolical plan to work, they must destroy the sovereignty of all nations.

Specifically, their plan is to attract countries to join it by means of dangling tempting benefits, including financial rewards, a "blueprint for global utopia for all humankind," and more. Then to seal the deal with a cherry on top, they will make duplicitous promises that in exchange for each nation freely surrendering its national sovereignty—along with our individual, unalienable U.S. Constitutional rightsto a "One World Government," it will, in their exact words, "guarantee no more war."

Wow. That's one heck of a sales pitch alright. And while the prospect of a world without war is indeed a tantalizing vision, it would nonetheless be nothing short of suicidal madness to surrender our national sovereignty and U.S. Constitutional rights to their demonic One World Government in order to achieve it.


No other country, organization or entity should ever have power over the United States

to control what Americans may or may not do—

Most especially the WHO and the UN!


To anyone even remotely thinking it a reasonable tradeoff to give up individual liberty and national self-determination in exchange for pie-in-the-sky pledges of protection, I urge you to carefully consider the following question, namely—

What could possibly go wrong?

You know, particularly when brought to you by the same dangerous, globalist false prophets on public record as recently stating:

"Human rights are a fiction; like heaven or like God. They are just fictional stories we've invented and spread around—homo sapiens have no rights."

They also want you to know, and I quote:

"The future will challenge our understanding of what it means to be human, from both a biological and a social standpoint."

To further hammer the point home to us, they actually had the arrogance to recently proclaim: "Free will is over."

Behold their sheer madness and collective narcissistic personality disorder yet again on full feather peacock display.

Who appointed them God anyway? Oh, that's right—they themselves!

So, yeah—knowing their deceptive track record, not to mention their delusions of grandeur and insatiable lust for power and dominance—I don't think so. NO SALE.


For the record:

America's sovereignty is not negotiable

So get lost you self-absorbed, tyrrnanical power-trippers!


I doubt other nations will be buying any of this steaming load of horse pucky the scheming WHO and UN, along with their other globalist partners in crime, are fixated upon selling us, either.

Not to mention the unavoidable fly in the globalists' ointment, as proclaimed from the peerless intellect of none other than the principal author of the United States Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson:


"Our human rights are ours at birth as derived from the laws of nature."


This was the Founders' "lofty, wise and noble understanding of the justice of the Creator to His creatures." That is to say, the Creator alone provides the conditions for human life and all things on Earth.

Unsurprisingly, the deluded with grandeur globalists do not like this definition because it means there exists for humankind "certain unalienable Rights endowed by their Creator; that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"—as elegantly stated in the U.S. Declaration of Independence—that cannot be removed by a centralized—be it theirs or anyone else's—government.

In spite of that, the genocidal group mindset of these murderous creatures thinks nothing of ruthlessly violating natural law—or for that matter, man-made laws—to achieve their wicked objective of totalitarian world domination.

Therefore, due to their unyielding insistence on dissolving state sovereignty and genociding humanity the world over, the globaliststo state it bluntly—leave us with no other rational course of action than to doom this mindset and all those individuals responsible for it to complete and utter extinction while we still can.

Hard to believe these scammers expect us to be foolish enough to actually fall for such transparently treacherous, "bait and switch" trickery solely designed to steal our national sovereignty and independence.


These psychopathic, misguided misfits and their megalomania would be laughable

if they weren't also ultra-wealthy, well-entrenched worldwide 

in key positions of power, genocidal maniacs!


While we are still on the subject of sacrificing freedom for security, permit me to paraphrase the motto of highly esteemed Founding Father Benjamin Franklin:

Those who would sacrifice liberty for security and safety deserve neither and will lose both.“ 

Point well taken, Mr. Franklin. Americans and citizens of every country around the world must preserve the sovereignty of nations and diversity of cultures at all costs!

Beware my fellow Patriots: In order to quickly lure other Western nations into their "trade your national sovereignty for 'magic beans' swindle," these flim-flamming globalists intend to start their power grab here in America with the help of traitors from within the corrupt government of the United States.


Case in point:

The American populace is presently facing an un-conventional warfare scenario

via "information warfare."


Particularly, through stealth betrayal from within by our elected representatives' use of Big Lies and double-dealing deception to destroy our country—on purpose.

President Abraham Lincoln presciently noted, "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

Our American nation is presently at a breaking point in a battle for its very soul.


Hence this country is now in a decisive moment:

Americans must unequivocally reject the radical American Marxist ideology being increasingly imposed upon us.


Likeise, we must fight for the life of this nation, and we must fight for the future of our children, and we must fight for the future of humanity itself, or we will lose everything our forefathers fought, sacrificed and died for since our nation's founding.

Includingheaven forbid, if it is thrust upon usby fighting in an active "wartime home front" here within America's own back yard.

I exaggerate not when I report that our unique Constitutional Republic now teeters on the brink of collapse. It is up to We the People to bring it back while we still can—as none but ourselves can save it—and with God's help, save it we steadfast and resolute Patriots shall.


In plain English:

The time has come to steel ourselves for a fight to save America

and rescue the fate of humanity!


Needless to say, that even despite our long ongoing, despicable betrayal by elected government representatives in office both past and present, these arrogant authoritarians have badly miscalculated and obviously have no idea of who they are dealing with—bloody hell are they in for a rude surprise. Woe unto them.

For We the People shall NEVER comply or submit to surrender our national sovereignty—the very thought of which to every red-blooded American Patriot is anathema and completely unacceptable, let alone "repugnant to the Constitution"—oh, hell no!


The choice is simple:

We must stand with America right now and fight to keep her free.

Or, in the not so distant future, witness her fall to the New World Order.

There is no other choice.


This long planned globalists' takeover is evil incarnate: 

Its intent is to seize total control, remove everybody's freedom,

and kill millionsif not billionsof people worldwide.


These serial-killing, pedophile Evilists groupscomposed of foreign based, unelected, third party non-governmental organizations (NGO's), regularly gather to openly declare that they "want to reduce the world population through organized wars, famines and plagues.”

For example, to follow is a direct quotation from a document by the “Secretariat for World Order” of the Security Council of the UN, dated September 20, 1991, which calls for, amongst other totalitarian demands:

The immediate reduction of world population… This must be done by whatever means necessary…. Compulsory cooperation is not debatable with 166 nations… That all nations have quotas for population reduction on a yearly basis, which will be enforced by the Security Council by selective or total embargo of credit, items of trade including food and medicine, or by military force, when required.”


Bluntly stated: 

These power grabbing, sex offending genocidal maniacs—through tyrannical governance by their unelected transnational organizations henchmen—are preparing to commit war crimes and mass murder to achieve their declared objectives for upwards of a 95% world population reduction of humankind!


Their sinister plan is to carry out the mass genocide of at least every 13 out of 14 human beings now on the planet—as described once more in their exact words—“by whatever means necessary.”


In the past few years this depraved mass extermination plot has been stealthily set into motion and is now well underway and being fast-tracked via multiple modalities. Far-fetched as the malicious tactics and deception being detailed within this article may sound, and reasonably so, be assured I neither exaggerate nor fantasize any of it whatsoever.


Not to mince words, by hook or by crook they are determined to foist

their brutal, totalitarian "New World Order" upon the whole of humanity

Which means that each and every one of us is their target!


Frankly, if you are not disturbedand/or maybe even outright scaredby the nightmare vision I have just presented above, you need to thump yourself alongside of your head until you wrap your mind around the idea that this threat is very, very real.

If we are to save humankind from deliberate, cold-blooded obliteration, these treacherous, unaccountable globalist "wolves in sheep's clothing" criminal organizations—masquerading as nonviolent world agents while operating under the pretext of giving humanitarian assistance and providing security—must all be made illegal, disbanded, and put out of action permanently.

Far from beneficent, these fanatical globalists' organizations use fear, guilt and manipulatione.g., pandemics, the environment, climate alarmism, peacekeeping missions, etc.—to make people think that somehow they are the saviors so as to further advance themselves in accomplishing their objectives.

Which in reality, is to ultimately assume complete control by establishing "a global public-private fascist fusion of big government, big tech and big money" to create a technocratic ruling elite, whichsurprise, surprise, surpriseis them.

The globalist World Economic Forum (WEF)lead by truly evil, god-complex driven psychopathshas gone so far as to state they believe the world is best governed by self-selected, unelected, multinational corporations, governments and private society organizations. Their idea is—


"We choose ourselves; we do not participate in democratic elections but we rule."


No ambiguity there.

Consequently, we are left now with no choice but to send them all packing back through the hellhole from which they crawled out before they succeed in imposing their decisivey demonic anti-human and anti-human rights agenda.

Make no mistake: These obnoxious egomaniacs are dead serious and must not be underestimated. Running neck-and-neck for the dubious distinction of being the world’s most dangerous organization are the radically rabid World Economic Forum & World Health Organization.

It is not hyperbole to say that the psychopathic, self-deified criminal narcissists at the helms of the WEF & WHO—both seen and unseen—pose the gravest threat to life, freedom, and humanity as we know it. In reality


There is no greater danger to the rule of law, democracy, and liberty all the world over

than the evil partnership of tightly networked organizations run by these globalist conspirators!


That is why we must prevent this stealth pandemic treaty power grab from ever happening at all costs—leaving us no choice but to borrow a page out of the globalists' vile "extermination playbook"—by specifically targeting for extinction and defunding ALL of the following "Judas goat" globalists' organizations which have long been  weaponized against civilian world citizens:

The UN, NATO, the EU, UNESCO, the WHO, and the WEFevery last rotten one of them.


Until then, the key to preserving our independence—and our lives—is to


of what the globalist control freaks and their minion organizations want us to do.


What's more, as horrible as the prospect may be

We the People of Earth must now begin to mentally steel ourselves, individually and collectively, for a life-or-death battle to preserve our God-given, unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness before all are seized from us.

This is no time for hiding our heads in the sand; quite the contrary.

Consequently—in united opposition to this devilish global coup d’état orchestrated by the Luciferian cabal's top hierarchy to impose their so-called "Great Reset" Master Plan upon humanity the whole world over






To anyone scoffing at the idea of a not-so-hidden master plan for an elitists' imposed "Great Reset" to reshape all our economies and laws, I suggest researching "the mud floods" and "The Lost Kingdom of Tartaria"—both largely erased from rewritten recent history—and see if it changes your mind.


Spoiler Alert:

This ain't the globalists' first Reset Rodeo—

History as we have been taught is all a lie!

They have hidden and destroyed all evidence of previously recorded history.


Suffice it to say, if humanity is to avoid yet another globalist reset, time is of the essence. Only by working together will we succeed in putting an irreversible stop to this multi-generational in the making, very well developed globalists' genocidal depopulation agenda for humankind before it's too late.

Likewise, our great nation now stands at a crossroads between constitutional liberty and socialist enslavement. If we are to save it—and ourselves—We The People must risk standing up—and if required of us as citizens, fighting—for what is right.

It is not an overstatement when I say that our future as a Nation hangs in the balance.

Worst of all, beloved fellow humansand there is no easy way to say this


Humanity is presently being targeted for extinction!


Pure and simple, they want us dead.

Now I don't know about you, but as I'm in no hurry for The Final Surprise I shall continue stubbornly resisting with everything I've got until it is they whom are ultimately extincted.

As bad as everything I have disclosed already is, I regret to inform you it gets fiendishly worse—considering that the endgame of these demonically controlled, authoritarian despots is to quite literally eradicate humanity as we know it by ushering in "a post-human, digital dictatorship future" of enslaved hybrids merging human and machine.

As stated in their own imperious words, "By hacking human organisms, elites will gain the power to re-engineer the future of life itself."

In plain English, the satanic globalist agenda is to genetically modify mankind into non-humans using mRNA technology to create a new species.

Alarmingly, as many vigilant citizens prudently recognized early on and have thus stubbornly resisted from the start, it has already begun—


The human race is presently being transitioned

into another species via human made bio-weapons!


Numerous reputable scientists and medical professionals from around the world have publicly called this experimental science travesty a "modified RNA genocide campaign" and "the greatest medical crime in human history."

One outspoken and courageous proponent of these extremely serious allegations is Dr. Michael Yeadon, a scientist and former vice president at Pfizer Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Corporation. Since leaving Pfizer he has gone on public record as stating, "The mRNA-based Covid 'vaccines' were designed—intentionally—to harm, maim and kill, and to reduce human fertility."

Based upon all the available evidence, humanity is presently amidst a deviously human-engineered humanitarian disaster of unprecedented proportions as part of the globalists' long-planned mass extermination of the human species agenda.

Namely, to destroy the Creator's offspring, and thereby culminate their prideful, Luciferian rejection of God.

Ghastly to even think about, isn't it?  To paraphrase Shakespeare, its "Such stuff that nightmares are made of."

Consequently, we must determinedly heed the words of modern-day dystopian seer George Orwell, who from his deathbed cautioned us of just such a "dangerous, nightmare situation" with this chilling final warning to the world: "Don't let it happen. It depends on you."

To sum it up: The demons walk amongst us and are getting bolder by the day—particularly within government, the technocracy, education, the entertainment industry and the culture at largehence all good people must resist their deviltry!

Accordingly, the time has come for “We the People” of America and for humanity all the world over to take back our collective power by pushing back hard against this diabolically divisive, spiritually warped Marxist-Luciferian death cult “woke ideology” until we crush and defeat it.

The globalists' full-frontal assault upon our very humanity and freedoms must be permanently stopped, or life in the future for all humankind will only get worse.

In other words:  If we don’t want to see humans made extinct we must defend ourselves!


Our best weapon is our unified voice—

I implore you to join with me and many like-minded others in an anti-globalist

alliance by boldly speaking out against this fiendish ideological agenda.


As Plato recognized, "Your silence gives consent."

Thereforefor the sake of everyone now alive on the planet, in addition to all future generations of humankind yet to be born—find your voice and speak out! Don't worry about what others think of you because you speak your mind seeing as how if we don't things may soon go from bad to worse.

When people of good conscience hold their tongues, the wicked are emboldened and evil triumphs.

That being the case, now more than ever the principles, common good and high moral values that built our mighty nation need to be voiced; I dare say, rejecting and speaking out together against this wretchedness is our moral and patriotic duty.

The stakes could not be higher. 

God willing, despite their insistent and increasingly desperate, all-out efforts to stealthily impose their wicked agenda upon our preponderantly high-principled world society, they are doomed to fail miserably. For in their unbridled arrogance these lying and scheming miscreants have fatally underestimated “We the People” who are no idiots.

On the contrary, we know their treacherous plans and shall give them no quarter! And on top of that, we are many, we are mighty, we are united, we are reasonable, and we are moral—whereas they are anything but.

In reality, this seditious gang of psychopaths are an immoral, unrestrained, anti-social, self-absorbed, self-indulgent, and highly self-satisfied lot prone to smug displays of arrogance, a self-destructive trait which eventually always comes home to roost.

Case in point: These mostly hidden behind-the-scenes pro-pedophile Evilist puppetmasters, secretly pulling the strings of their highly indoctrinated herd of non-critically thinking “useful idiot” puppetminions, have overplayed their hand.

As We the Peoplethe vast majority of virtuous and right-minded Americans and citizens of all nationalities around the world—shall never abandon our sacred duty to ferociously protect our vulnerable children. Nor ever in a million years capitulate or acquiesce to such despicable evil as legitimizing adult-child sexual relations. 

The fact is we should not and we will not. 

Neither in any other way shall we allow these hostile masters of deception to continue undermining the fundamental moral underpinnings of our society—let alone succeed in exterminating humankind—without fighting back with fierce resistance and determination of doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes to stop them for good.


To anyone so inclined, let us ask God to show us the truth, guide and protect us.

For as we are assured by the Master Counselor from Galilee—

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."


It is our moral and civic duty as Americans to take action that helps preserve our nation for ourselves and for future generations. If we lose freedom here in the United States, there will be no place to escape to anywhere. I need hardly say we must never allow that to happen.

Therefore, going forward we must keep our faith strong and refuse to ever give in to our despair, for despair never achieves anything.

Whereas hope for a better, brighter future worth living can motivate us to endure these dark, hard times until humanity ultimately routs and overcomes this satanic death cult of pedophile, pedovore, financially criminal, morally and ethically degenerate "elite-deletes" who are so very determined to wipe us out.

Chiefly, by means of—

We the People All the World Over uniting, refusing to comply, and relentlessly pressing on until such time that the Forces of Good have utterly vanquished and removed forevermore all the Forces of Evil from this great Earth!


*       *      *

Object Lesson:

No one has the right to harmlet alone destroya child's life for their own abominable sexual gratification.

Pedophiles—a.k.a. child molesters—must be held morally and legally accountable for their criminal acts of sexual savagery to protect and avenge innocent children from patently perverse child predators who prey upon and physically, sexually, emotionally, and mentally violate them to achieve heinous sexual fulfillment.

Child molestation includes any unlawful conduct of a sexual nature with, or sexual victimization/exploitation of, a person under the age of 18 years whom, by definition as a minor, is legally incapable of competently consenting to sexual activity with an adult, period.


So there is no misunderstanding: 

The criminal line between “sexual attraction” and “sexual abuse” is unambiguously crossed whenever sexual contact of any kind is engaged in between an adult and a child.


By the intrinsic nature of its innate power imbalance, adult-child sexual attraction and/or desire for adult-child sexual contact of any kind places moral accountability on the stronger party—the adult—to act ethically by refraining from exploiting and taking unfair advantage of their position. Specifically, by not acting upon their sexual desires with the weaker party—the child.

This includes the rapidly emerging scourge of so-called “self-generated” online child sexual abuse which has skyrocketed in recent years. Specifically, where adult criminals look to find, manipulate, groom and coerce children into recording their own sexual abuse on camera for them to put online. While these images are most often taken at home in a child's bedroom or bathroom without the abuser present in the room, they are nonetheless Child Criminal Exploitation through the use of technology.

Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) occurs where an individual or group takes advantage of an imbalance of power to coerce, control, manipulate or deceive a child or teenager under the age of 18. The victim may have been criminally exploited even if the activity appears consensual.

Still greater trauma can result from what online safety and law enforcement experts are calling financial sextortion. This form of online sexual abuse involves adult predators befriending victims, primarily teenage boys, under false pretenses, enticing them to send incriminating photos and then demanding payment under threat that they will expose the photos to family and friends. The repercussions of these sextortion scams are often devastating, including victims who have suicided after being blackmailed.

Hence, as a professional sexologist—yet above all, a right-minded human being—here I stand and can do no other than speak out with full-throated words of condemnation to expose and increase awareness of these monstrous evils now targeting our children.

As noted by influential American sex researcher Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey, "Sexologists are the recorders and reporters of the facts"—what people do, think and feel sexually—"not the judges of the behavior we describe."

Yet a caveat is required; excepting of lawfulness, which first and foremost includes the ability to give sexual consent.

Bear in mind that the ability to give meaningful sexual consent requires a fully developed adult brain—with its corresponding cognitive capacity—to intellectually, emotionally and morally understand the all-around significance of and ramifications from engaging in sexual activities with another person.

Wherein lies the rub. For by their very nature and without exception:

Children LACK a fully developed brain, and therefore the corresponding cognitive capacity to rationally understand—let alone legally give—meaningful sexual consent.

And sex without consent is always rape.

Therefore, this being the case, to whomever it may concern—


Leave the children alone!


Anyone having a problem with this approach needs to do some serious soul searching, and in conjunction, see a qualified mental health counselor to straighten their crooked thinking.

Let us envision and work hard to bring about an ideal world composed of a decent, high-minded society marked by moral integrity, kindness and goodwill. A society where the writing of essays such as this exposing darkness to light is unnecessary.

Until we get there—and we will—I hope you join me in taking a stand to protect our children and safeguard the moral bearings of our society by speaking up for what you believe.

And lastly, a Call-to-Action to all my fellow sexologist colleagues around the world:


Let us join together in taking a united stand opposing this pro-pedophile, categorically delusional Marxist-Luciferian death cult “false woke ideology” by speaking out forcibly against it—

I dare say for each of us it is now our professional defining moment.


In conclusion, so as to leave no room for misunderstanding, kindly allow this old-school sexologist to spell it out in very basic terms:

Sexual attraction to children—which by any other name is pedophilia—is a morally reprehensible mind and soul sickness that is altogether wrong on EVERY conceivable level.

And anyone who engages in pedophilia is a criminal. No exceptions. End of story.

If you agree, feel free to repost this post wherever you see fit.


May the Forces of Goodness prevail on Earth,

Dr. Michael Ra Bouchard
Clinical Sexologist


Copyright © 2022 Michael Ra Bouchard, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved.


Note: In my ongoing life work of empowering the world with Truth—as best I am able to discern it myself—the article you have just read calling out the evil of pedophilia is one of the most important I have ever written for what I assume by now are abundantly apparent reasons. Thank you for taking the time to read it, and for considering how you can take a stand to help protect our youth and nation, for indeed, what's at stake is nothing less than the future of our children and the very survival of our declining American Constitutional Republic.

Anyone wanting to learn more about the unprecedented, ongoing attack and spiritual war against our children and world society can peruse my 30-minute read, 2020 Linked In article detailing the mind-boggling ideological agenda behind this present cultural and gender war, entitled,

“A No-Nonsense Sexologist Unapologetically Tells It Like It Is—
Three Genders Only & Woke is Wack!”

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